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Where are you going? and What do you want out of life?

Where are you going? and What do you want out of life?

When doing a life evaluation, it can feel so BIG. Interestingly, I tend to want to change my entire life every March or April. It is such an odd thing I’ve recognized about myself. Basically I wake up at the end of winter, when the {read more}

Ten journal and conversation prompts

Ten journal and conversation prompts

Thought provoking, fun and light hearted journal or conversation prompts. Can be used for your own personal recollection, your next date or even a team building exercise!

How to change your day after you’ve gotten up on the wrong side of the bed

How to change your day after you’ve gotten up on the wrong side of the bed

We’ve most likely all been there. We wake up and feel irritated for no good reason. Or maybe a few moments after we wake up, something small but crappy happens. This is seemingly a part of life everyone experiences. Perhaps there are groups of spiritual people who are so centered they don’t experience this. But, for the rest of us, especially in western culture, it would seem like this is normal.

So today, let’s talk about how to change your day AFTER you’ve gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. Sometimes it seems like there is no going back and the only thing that will help is going to sleep and waking up again. However, this could mean a day wasted. Instead, why not change it around and make the most of the day. Stare that bad mood in the face and tell it to go away.

Once you are in a better mood, perhaps decide on your perfect day and fill out your this or that form!


Some simple things to do when you want to be in a better mood:

1. Slow down.

Perhaps this seems counterintuitive. However, it has worked for me every time. Often, on days where we start off on the wrong side of the bed, is causes us to rush, which somehow becomes a domino effect. As we rush around, we might spill something, smear our makeup or maybe even put two different shoes on (true story). Purposely slowing down and taking our time might not feel right, but it WILL HELP. Slowing down allows us to catch-up with our thoughts and move at a calm and collected pace.



2. Give love to a pet.

Bianca knows she can be an instant mood booster, not just to me but anyone who sees her. Sometimes when I’m in a bad mood, I take her for a drive or walk through a public park. Seeing other people light up when they see my precious girl immediately lifts my mood.



3. Talk to a friend.

They say misery loves company, but more so, I’m referring to talking to a friend about something completely different. Asking a friend how things are going for them, or talking about something that reminded you of them. Anything to get your mind off your own self and on to something else.


4. Wear your favorite outfit.

This was especially helpful when we were still going into the office. On days where I just wasn’t feeling it, I’d purposely put on my favorite top, pants or shoes. Or maybe even style my hair in a way I liked better. This helped me to feel more confident, comfortable and better in general.




5. Tell a joke.

Okay so this one might seem strange, and it might even seem impossible to come up with something funny when you are in a bad mood. There is one joke which I always use, its super silly about a horse walking into a bar. Again, watching other people laugh (or in my case roll their eyes) helps to put things in perspective and lighten the mood.



6. Find humor.

A second to the one above works especially if you aren’t around others. Simple do a google search for humor, jokes, puns, etc. This helps TREMENDOUSLY. I tend to LOVE puns, and reading them just helps. It often even gets a hearty laugh out of me. Depending on how dark your humor is, this should help to brighten things up.



7. Hydrate.

If you know me in person, you know I’m big on hydration. Not only do I tend to keep water or kombucha with me at all times, I also encourage others to stay hydrated. Drinking water upon waking, and throughout the day physically helps. It also helps to provide a pause before speaking, or have a calming affect while reading or watching a show.





8. Breathe.

Slowing down your breath, becoming aware of your breath and exhaling in a sigh of relief can help to improve your mood. This goes hand in hand with hydrating, because it is a physical indication to your brain that things are okay. It allows for us to slow down and reduces that feeling of rushing that often occurs on bad days.




9. Become aware of the 5 senses.

This seems to be a popular recommendation lately. After dismissing it as silly I finally gave it a try. The idea is that by identifying something you see, taste, smell, feel and hear; you will feel more connected to your surroundings and thus more grounded. It makes sense in theory and has actually worked for me a handful of times.




10. If all else fails, cancel your plans, take the afternoon off and go back to bed.

Even if you take a short nap, this can help provide a restart to your system.





What are some of the things you do to get in a better mood? How would you add to this list, and have you tried any of the above? If so, comment down below!




P.S. when you know your mood is not stemming from just waking up on the wrong side of the bed and instead it is more related to where you are in your life. A post from awhile back might be of help: What now? This post discusses that dreaded feeling when you know you just aren’t going down the right path and constantly feel like you are in a dead end.

Tenacity, passion and goals

Tenacity, passion and goals

What sets your soul on fire? Do you remember the last time you had an inner knowing that you CAN and WILL achieve your dreams? Today’s blog post discusses the importance of passion and tenacity when meeting your goals.

Thoughts and inspiration about why delight is so important

Thoughts and inspiration about why delight is so important

Today’s post contains thoughts and inspiration around why delight is so important on a daily basis. Also included are links to books about delight. AND phone backgrounds for a reminder to find delight today!

Motivation & Enjoyment

Motivation & Enjoyment


Recently, the childhood memory of playing video games with my brother popped into my mind. He was always able to win faster, I think he understood the cause/effect better than I did. Another memory which comes to mind is trying to learn, by his patient instruction, how to maneuver my person in Street Fighter. In my mind, my brother was always better at everything. Being the younger sister, I have the benefit of him experiencing a ton of things first. This allowed for me to watch and learn.

Side note, I’m so glad I’m not the first child! I think being the second and the ‘baby’ has huge advantages, personally.  I’d love to know what is your birth order and how you feel about this!

It seems to me that my brother is  more competitive in comparison to me. Not only more competitive but also more tenacious. During games, or sports or just having a friendly game of Around the World in the driveway, my tendency is to want to enjoy the event, moment or time together. While, my brother would improve his skills, no matter the topic, until he won. Whereas I just want things to come naturally and of course do my best. My brother will work toward improving a skill from a mental and technical sense.



In my opinion, my brother’s ability to keep leveling up is very impressive. And it takes a different mindset than my own. This realization came upon me while watching a video featuring “Doctor Mike”. In this video, Dr. Mike says something like, “How do you find motivation to keep doing something you are bad at?” This statement resonated with me for a few reasons. First off, Dr. Mike is extremely successful, it just so happens that he has good at many things. Secondly, it calls to mind the things I don’t enjoy simply because I am not good at them.

In contrast, my brother will probably try almost anything once and regardless of ability, he will continue doing it if he enjoys it. Whereas, if I don’t seem to be picking something up quickly, I don’t tend to enjoy it. On the other hand, if I do enjoy something I don’t need to ever ‘win’ against another person. And this is where the philosophical thoughts could pour in.


What does winning truly mean?

While the thought of ‘winning’ doesn’t do much for me. The thought of gaining new skills, and improving the ones I do have is top of mind. In addition, I do enjoy trying new things, and I will put my all into something of interest. One of the most enjoyable activities for me throughout my life is learning the equestrian disciplines. Yet, I think of my desire to learn guitar. The desire is strong, and I enjoy the activity but I feel I need a teacher to guide me. I suppose I enjoy the process of improvement vs putting the skill on display.

In this way, winning to me actually means simply getting better or trying again. Winning does not necessary have to be in competition against another person or team. Winning can be in your own right. Thinking back to my childhood, I have such fund memories of even just watching my brother play video games. I didn’t necessary need to actually play. My enjoyment came from spending time together, not who could hit the right combination of buttons on the controller.



Recognizing what motivates us is so helpful in finding our happy place, or flow point! In addition, I distinctly remember thinking something was wrong with me growing up because I didn’t want to compete. This contrast is interesting consider. Especially because its simply a difference in personality, neither is right or wrong. Instead, it seems that both types of personalities bring balance to the world.



What motivates you? Is the thought of winning the blue ribbon what gets you to the barn at 5am? Or is the experience and enjoyment of riding all you need? Is it a mix of both of these concepts?

Dealing with self-doubt

Dealing with self-doubt

In the last post, I briefly touched on some of the ways this year has felt like a roller coaster. Here lately, not only have external events happened to shake things up. But also, internally I’ve started to experience something I think most people feel {read more}

Goal Check-In

Goal Check-In

Simply put, this year has had a handful of twists and unexpected turns. Whilst I do enjoy roller coasters (they tickle me and I laugh and laugh), I’d rather not experience anything similar in real life. However, as we all know, rarely do things go {read more}

Amazon Favorites

Amazon Favorites

Happy Tuesday. More importantly, Happy JUNE! Today I present to you, my favorite Amazon purchases, organized by price range.   Of course, I’ve tried to include a good mix of products.  For example, you will find beauty related products, apparel finds, outdoor related items and even a few gardening products.  Also, you’ll see some dog related items on this list.  

Some are great gifts, and others are super functional for everyday life.   Bianca and I would love to hear what some of your favorites are. Lastly, I hope this can be inspiration for any gift giving or to treat yourself to something!

Previously mentioned favorites can be found here on my 2020 favorites post

By the way, the last most favorite thing I’ve purchased (just to start us off) is this great phone case.  It has a lined inside which I never even thought of needing.  It comes in many colors too.

This page contains affiliate links.

$25 and under

Here you will find quite a few everyday items, mixed in with some of the products I use to enjoy being outside.  The canvas bags are labeled for makeup, but I use mine as a mini bag to organize the inside of my purse.  You will also see personalized dog collars in this section.  My little Bianca loves hers which includes her full name and our phone number (just in case!)  I found the collars to be high quality and they’ve lasted me over a year!  I bought the corresponding leashes to go with them too.

$25 - $50

This section is filled with some home goods, footwear and other comforts!  Plus, a bubble maker (who doesn’t like the magic of bubbles?!)  You will see coffee related items in this section too.  If you have a love for coffee and no longer have office coffee, the Chemex is the way to go.  This simplistic piece of glass makes for the perfect pour over.  Along with this is an electric tea kettle, something you’d find in every home in the UK, but almost rarely here in the states.  I use my tea kettle at least twice a day.  The one listed here is the Amazon Basics, it lights up which adds a bit of fun.

Higher Ticket items

Some of these items were gifts.  However, all of them I’ve seen in action.  The stroller was on a friend’s baby registry and she thanks me every time we see one another!  The patio set is mine, and I will say I adore it.  It is comfy, shipped safely and looks cute too!

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