Time has taught me to wake up everyday and put my rose-colored glasses on.  Researchers have discovered that those who think positively and have the ability to believe in the possibility of a good outcome from a bad situation, rather than dwell on negativity and pessimism, tend to succeed.  Cynics may think me crazy; but I know what keeps a smile on my face.  Why not CHOOSE to BELIEVE the best is yet to come and keep forging ahead with eager expectation.




With a thirst for learning, these are the books which have especially offered me inspiration over the years.


I am extremely thankful to have wonderful people in my life who not only encourage me, but are such great examples of creators, mentors and all around good people.  I can only hope that I not only express my appreciation, respect and admiration to them directly but that my efforts here will make them proud. One amazing lady in particular (Gloria), I consider my very own fairy Godmother, is pictured below.


Fairy Godmother