My favorites

My favorites

Maybe you came here and expected to see my favorite people… I know at least one of you in my life came here expecting to see this page as just your picture, and I love you for it!

Instead, lets run down some of my favorite things that are also available to you! 

Please note this page contains affiliate links.

I will be diving deeper into each category, as well as posting updated reviews and will link those Blog Posts here: 

2020 was so unique… here are the things that kept me going.  Link Here.

Mid-way through 2021, I compiled a list of all my Amazon Favorites.  This list includes everything from household items, such as picture frames.  All the way to customizable dog collars.  There are a number of great gifts too!  You can find the post here.


Everyday ‘stuff’

Protein Shakes! My favorite go-to snack. Whether I’m driving up north to see the family, going on a hike or just need that extra boost without feeling guilty… these Only What You Need Protein Shakes are the best!  They are super smooth and tasty and are just enough to give me the little boost I need.

Dish Detergent.   I love my dishwasher so much.  I bought it so long ago, the model is no longer available, however it is a Bosch.  I’m sure it would somehow do a great job on its own, I’ve found through the years that using the Cascade Platinum Pods is a game changer.  These little things are like magic.. I haven’t even thought about rinsing a plate before I put it inside since I started using these. 

Look good. Feel good.  My favorite all time beauty product is this serum that is a twice-daily go to for me!  It doesn’t have any scent, its light and absorbs and shows results quickly! When I first heard of this product from an expert, I gave it a try and haven’t looked back!

Dog food.  Only the best for my sweet girl (Bianca). Taste of the Wild Dog Food has been my choice for many years.  They adjust their formulas as needed, and I’ve found lately my girl gobbles up the Salmon with Ancient Grains.  She gets plenty of treats too!

Things to keep my body healthy

 Yoga.  My most favorite type of movement is yoga.  As a long time subscriber to Fightmaster Yoga on YouTube, I can say this channel as changed my life.  My recommendation is to start with the 30 day challenge if you are a beginner, it eases into the poses and provides a calming truly beginner-friendly approach.
Strength & Stretching. It has been awhile since I’ve seen the inside of a gym.  Previously fortunate enough to have one inside the office I work in, I switched to at home workouts for the time being.  When I did get to the gym, I was doing:
  • Cardio 10 to 60 mins
  • Weight Training & Toning
  • Full-Body via the row machine
  • General HiiT

Otherwise once in awhile I was going to kickboxing classes at a local gym which I LOVED. 

Without comfortable access to these in-person workouts, instead I’ve been doing a mix of the following:

Strength Side. I love this channel for many reasons – the follow along videos are great, and this guy’s personality brings a smile to my face.  His authenticity and low-key beast mode motivate me. 

SofaBar. This figure skater offers all sorts of classes, but I mostly use her for stretching, achieving new personal goals (like the splits) and once in awhile I go ice skating 🙂



Find updated favorites and product reviews on my YouTube Channel! 

Here you will find reviews on:

  • Sunscreen / Sunblock
  • Red Light Therapy (Joovv)
  • Makeup (Foundation)
  • Book Reviews! 
  • Lick Mats (for Dogs and Pets)
  • Try-On Dress Hauls (
  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics Review
  • Smile Direct Club and Invisalign Products

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