Ten journal and conversation prompts

Ten journal and conversation prompts

Today’s post contains journal prompts to increase positivity and promote gratitude. Journaling can help in so many ways. Either as a brain dump, organizing a list of things to do. Or, in this case, reminiscing about life in general. These prompts are a way to stimulate the mind to think back to happy moments, pleasant experiences and favorite things!

In addition, most of the prompts can also work as ice breakers for your next team meeting. Or to ask someone you are trying to get to know (#onlinedating). Que the song, ‘Getting to know you’ from the King and I.

Hopefully, keeping things on the light-hearted side as we are officially into summer! Let’s jump right in.


Journal and conversation Prompts

  • What is your best memory in the past year? This one might be more difficult do the circumstances. However, still a fun one to think about!
  • Okay, maybe that was a hard one to start out with, so the next prompt is: What is your best memory over the past TEN years? Graduation? Marrying your best friend? Taking a the trip of a life-time? Adopting a pet? Or maybe, an every day moment that just felt good and sticks in your mind.
  • Describe a time when you made a huge leap of faith and landed on both feet!
  • If asked today, what would you list as your number one accomplishment?
  • What is your go-to meal and why? While we are on the topic of food, think or write about your favorite cuisine!
  • Describe something you never thought you’d be able to do, but then actually DID IT. Think about the feeling of empowerment once you were on the other side of it.
  • Where is your favorite destination and why? Perhaps sunny beaches, or a cloudy city comes to mind?
  • Name the most happy but unexpected and unplanned moment of your life thus far.
  • If you are in your house, look around. Think or write about your favorite piece of furniture and what it means to you. Is it an antique that has made it from generation to generation? Or something you’ve designed and had custom made to start the furniture legacy in your family? Maybe something from Ikea that wasn’t fun to build but is super functional now?
  • What is your favorite make/model car you’ve owned? Why is it your favorite? Memories? Features? Fun to drive?

And a bonus one just for fun:

  • Bonus prompt and probably the silliest: name something you incorrectly believed as a child that had you worried; but now, you realize wasn’t such a concern at all. For instance, quicksand anyone?


I would love to hear some of the answers to these in the comment section below! Most importantly, I’d love to hear if this was fun to do!

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