Tenacity, passion and goals

Tenacity, passion and goals

Can you think of the last time you felt a true inner knowing that you CAN and WILL meet your goal?

Often, when setting goals we are in a great mood, believing all is well. Our goals come pouring out of us with clarity and we are able to articulate what we want. Or maybe we have a fresh outlook because it is a new year or we’ve started a new job. Thinking back to when my goals were the clearest and there didn’t seem to be anything that could stop me. For me, this was as I was about to finish college, and I truly wasn’t aware of anything that could hold me back. When friends would worry or share their challenges, I’d (most likely annoyingly) try and help find a solution, or provide never-ending encouragement.


When the luster wears off

Isn’t it interesting how that shininess wears off and we are left with the mundane day in and day out? At this point in life, having faced a number of unexpected challenges or setbacks I didn’t see coming, I understand discouragement on a deeper level. Still though, I do believe anyone can achieve anything.

Most people feel doubt from time to time as they walk through the process of achieving their goals. Some feel it all the time, and therefore never even write their goals down. Managing through this feeling could potentially be the most important part of setting and achieving your goals. While in pursuit of your dreams, it isn’t always going to feel great. At times, there may be no sight to progress. While this can be discouraging, it is so important to overcome the worry and doubt and start believing again.


Garnering the passion

Through the observation of others and by working through things myself. One commonality involved in those I see meet their goals no matter the situation and no matter the setbacks is: passion. Without passion, it is much more difficult to be tenacious. Sheer will power can sometimes get us through, but even that has to have a fuel source.

This goes back to the post on our pilot lights. If we are stressed and burnt out, it is much harder to see the possibilities. It is also much harder to gain the energy to feel interested, even sometimes in the things we are most passionate about. The first step to finding that passion again and re-lighting your pilot light is getting rest.

This may seem counter intuitive to some, but taking a nap, or letting yourself sleep in immediately helps in most cases. Getting enough rest allows for more clear thinking, which can then lead toward the reestablishment of your passion toward something.

Once you have clarity again, think of your goals and determine if you’d like to shift them around. Sometimes it isn’t a lack of rest, but instead your interests have actually changed. In addition, my recommendation is to keep word-smithing the sentence of your goal until it gives you a feeling of excitement again! This will allow that heart to reconnect with the brain in those moments where tenacity is needed.



  • Make sure to get some rest and have clarity of thought.
  • Review your goals list, give an honest assessment of what seems to be making progress and what seems to be stuck.
  • Reword the goal until it feels exciting again.  Remember to include the ‘why’ and some feeling words in the sentence.
  • Approach the goal from a fresh perspective the following day.
  • Know that you are doing your best and eventually it will come to fruition

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This 100 day goals journal was of special interest to me.  I liked the timebound aspect of it.  I ordered it to see what the inside is like but haven’t starting using it yet.  I do believe it would be the perfect gift for someone graduating or embarking on their entrepreneurial journey.  


It provides space for daily gratitude, actions to take that day and any successes.  It also allows for space to capture progress.  I highly recommend it!

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