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What is one thing you wish you had more of?

What is one thing you wish you had more of?

Hello readers! Today’s post, as you can see from the title is, “What is one thing you wish you had more of?”. That’s right, we aren’t talking about materialistic things here, although if some – thing – came to mind, it could be of use {read more}

The courage to create

The courage to create

Storytime Recently, I shared a link to my blog with an acquaintance. At first this was just a passing, “Oh I wrote a blog post about that.”   Meaning, I didn’t think to worry about being judged.  However, within a few days anxiety started to creep {read more}

being a newbie

being a newbie

When is the last time you experienced something new? Take a second and really think on it. Potentially as simple as ordering something new from your favorite restaurant, or as big as a new hobby. Or, maybe it has been years since you’ve veered from your personal normal. Either way, try and determine the last time you tried something new or were a beginner at something. Remember, there is benefit in consistency. However, experiencing new things is important for our growth and overall happiness in life.



Recently I found myself slipping into a ‘just get through it’ attitude. With a false sense that everyday would be the same – mostly due to life during the pandemic – I watched as time marched on but I never felt anything different. You may agree that this feeling is somewhat comforting, however also a bit disturbing. Expecting everyday to be like the last doesn’t allow us to fully use our senses and can begin to feel rather awful.

My tendency is to need to consistently experience new things and try new hobbies. Not to mention, have an ever changing schedule. An alarm went off in me, realizing each week of the month was relatively the same. After a few moments of reflection, it occurred to me I needed to change something. Instinct told me this was a larger need than changing a meal or working out at a different time in the day.

So, I sat down to determine my last newbie moment. Perhaps it is okay to blame it on the pandemic, perhaps not. However, the last time I had done anything new was too long ago to remember. Many things had been on my hopeful 2020 list. Trips, food, excursions, life moments… so many things that completely paused. A less optimistic 2021 list didn’t include any new activities. Instead, only included improving on or repeating previous hobbies. In addition, more simple self-care related activities – sweet but not new!


Side note:

It is interesting to me how things that once were new become common place. Things we never thought we’d accomplish or experience and there we are, doing them for the 3rd time that week. For example, I remember when I brought Bianca home for the first time. And now, it would be strange not to take her for walks multiple times a day. Her adorableness still gets me everyday though.



Time for something new

Trying new things can help us in so many ways. Some that come to mind are:

  1. Determine your likes and dislikes
  2. Find out any hidden fears
  3. Overcome anxiety and fear and feel empowered
  4. Learn more about yourself
  5. Expand knowledge and reset perceptions


  • Over the next week, set time aside to do something new. Take a class. Try a new meal. Hike in a new location. Treat yourself to a new self-care habit. Rent an instrument and take a lesson.
  • Allow yourself to determine if you like the experience. If you are a journaler, write about your experience. Share about it with a friend.
  • Try it again, or selecting something different.
  • Either way, keep up the habit of introducing new activities and experiences to your life.

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Hello & Welcome!

Hello & Welcome!

Welcome to my first blog post! It is with a nervous, nail-biting and also optimistic appreciation that I start on this journey. If you know me personally, you know my idea to start a YouTube Channel has been on my heart for some time… let’s {read more}