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My most EXTREME beauty purchase yet

My most EXTREME beauty purchase yet

Hello my dear blogfam! Happy WINTER Solstice! I am thankful for each of everyone of you. The past few months have been a whirlwind. Including, lots of travel (both for fun and professionally). Today’s video is all about my most EXTREME beauty purchase. This purchase {read more}

Pursue understanding

Pursue understanding

Start to see life as a ‘choose your own adventure’ book, through understanding yourself!

Woe is me

Woe is me

Fascination with a book in the Bible

The book, “Ecclesiastes” in the Bible fascinates me. It has a woe is me vibe which doesn’t seem to fit into the rest of the Bible. The message is depressing and rather unsettling. The words and imagery used are unlike any other book in the Bible, in my opinion. It is raw and blunt. Let’s take for example Ecclesiastes Chapter 7, Verse 15; from The Message version of the Bible:

“I’ve seen it all in my brief and pointless life – here a good person cut down in the middle of doing good, there a bad person living a long life of sheer evil.”

This verse is one of many in the book which comes across as hopeless, sad and the opposite of the message in the rest of the Bible. Before we dig in further, I realize this post might seem out of place. Knowing this, I’ve provided some extra background in the form of Storytime.


About 13 years ago, I started studying the Bible seriously. Yes, I realize for those who do know me, this seems odd since I was raised in such a strict and religious household. Oddly the Bible wasn’t as front as center as posturing and being legalistic, but that is neither here nor there; but rather a discussion for a different day.

Thankfully, moving to the South, specifically North Carolina, which is often affectionately named, “The Bible Belt”, I met and learned from many others who were different denominations or completely different faiths than Christian. Specifically, I remember having the opportunity in Winston-Salem to go to the interfaith group and learn about all sorts of religions. After going to a number of seminars with this group, I came to realize how little I knew about other religions of the world, but also the general history of religions, including Christianity.

With this inspiration, along with a dear friends encouragement to read the Bible and pray (differently than I had ever understood); that I started my own learning journey. Having memorized the books of the Bible as a child using a song, I knew the titles; however it wasn’t until I dug into the words, and truly studied the Bible that I came to new and personal understandings.

All that to say

All that being said, regardless if you are a Christian, or prefer not to label yourself. Even if you are agnostic or atheist, I personally would encourage you to read and study the Bible. Not because I hope you will uncover something in yourself or convert. But, because of its historical significance. Because of its influence on today’s world. And especially because regardless of your belief or lack there of, there is age old wisdom in any book. Insight into the thoughts of leaders and historical figures. And lastly, because studying any text allows you to further develop your own thoughts, feelings and theories of the world.

Also, I love all books, so there is that. Okay! So now we can get back into this post, hopefully you made it this far.

Ecclesiastes: Woe is me

When I started studying the Bible seriously all those years ago, I didn’t really know what I was going to truly find. Or even have any indication that any of it would apply to my life. Being raised in a religious community, most of the people my age turned away from anything spiritual or God-related in utter disgust. Therefore, it wasn’t until later in life that I gave it a chance again.

When I did start studying, it was with a critical and doubtful lens. Therefore, it was a surprise when I came across the book of Ecclesiastes, I thought I was no longer reading the Bible.  Let’s jump in with a summary of what I got from reading this book.


Life is meaningless

The author makes is clear he is hurting, with the general sentiment that life is meaningless and certainly don’t count on building a legacy. In the second chapter, the author speaks on all of the things and accomplishments he accumulated. He continues to state that everything is meaningless. That regardless of what you have and how you get it, everyone’s fate is the same. Chapter 3 starts out seemingly more hopeful with the famous, ‘there is a time for everything under the sun’. But quickly turns to saying, but we all die so who cares.

It’s better to be dead

Chapter four literally says it is better to be dead versus having to be a victim of life. However, this does say it is better to go through life with someone than be alone. Chapter 5 goes on with the theme of: more money more problems. It does have a slight hint of, enjoy now because you don’t know what the future will be. As we continue reading, the Message translation of Chapter 6 literally says, “Things are bad”. And goes on to say that a still born is luckier than anyone who has had to live.

Some wisdom

Chapter 7 reads more like the Proverbs and does provide a bit of wisdom, but still feels so heavy and sad. Toward the end it is a ramble of Woe is Me type warnings that you might hear from an older, angry man. Instead of the wisdom found in proverbs however, here the author states plainly that bad things happen to good people so may as well just have a ‘good time’.

Then, all of a sudden in Chapter 9, the author takes a refreshed tone and asks the reader to: “Seize Life… eat with gusto… drink with a robust heart. Dress well and relish life with your spouse.” The author again writes in the style of Proverbs and rambles off lessons he’s learned. Including, “Laughter and bread go together, wine gives sparkle to life, but it’s money that makes the world go around.”

The author acts as though life is grand, and urges us as readers to enjoy every single day. Speaking on how wonderful it is to live in sunshine. To end the book in Chapter 12, the author speaks on enjoying youth because old age comes to all.

Modern Application

We’ve all had those moments. Those moments when we get to the end of our strength and want to give up. Perhaps it is when there is a storm of multiple things happening. And there doesn’t seem to be a way through our out of the circumstances we are in. There are a number of fun and unique ways to get to this point in life. (Sense the rare sarcasm there).

Maybe we got ourselves into the situation. We knew that the fight we were about to start, or the angry outburst would be the final break point in a relationship – with a spouse, or even maybe with an employer. Or perhaps you are more of a slow and steady one bad decision at a time type of person. And maybe still you are in the camp of things are burning around you without you picking up the match or throwing fuel on the fire. It just so happens the people you surround yourself with like to stay warmer than most.

However you may have arrived at the sentiment found in Ecclesiastes, I’d offer the same wisdom that can be found in this book of the Bible. We all die, so make the most of everyday.

A depressing or uplifting message – you get to decide! Whether you mope through life, or laugh at the days to come, it literally will not matter in the end to anyone but YOU, who is experiencing life day to day.

So today, CHOOSE to be full of life, however that expresses itself through you at this point in your life.

Daily Affirmations | “You Are”

Daily Affirmations | “You Are”

Hello everyone, thank you for being here; and welcome to a new affirmation track, using “You Are” Affirmations instead of “I am” Affirmations. This is meant to be listened to daily in the morning. You can either listen to it in the background, or repeat {read more}

What is one thing you wish you had more of?

What is one thing you wish you had more of?

Hello readers! Today’s post, as you can see from the title is, “What is one thing you wish you had more of?”. That’s right, we aren’t talking about materialistic things here, although if some – thing – came to mind, it could be of use {read more}

2022 Holiday Gift Giving Guide

2022 Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Today’s post is a gift giving guide! These are all things I would personally love to receive for Christmas, birthday or any special occasion! These gifts lean toward the feminine side of things, but most can be for anyone. Especially your girlfriend, wife, or partner. Perhaps a mother, aunt or sister! The suggested gifts range in price from $10 to $300 dollars. Be sure to screenshot and send a subtle hint too!  #giftsforher


Sharing little traditions or starting one with a loved one, is a cute and good way to spread the holiday cheer.  This particular ornament is specific to Christmas, but there are many others which would make small momentos to share the love.

$15-20 Gift Giving Idea: Apron

This apron would make a great gift for the cook in your life.  with it’s “Hot Stuff-ing” design, and it comes with or without pockets.  Adorable and light-hearted this would be a great gift! 

$20 -25 Gift Giving Idea: encouraging mug

This adorable mug can be found on Etsy! It comes in three different styles.  If the person you are purchasing for loves Ted Lasso, this would be a great gift.  This etsy shop has many more mugs from other popular shows too!  A mug makes a great gift for the coffee or tea lover in your life! 
And who doesn’t love Roy Kent?!

This particular design makes a great gift for a sister and/or best friend who is still on the look out for her lightening! 

$25-30 Gift Giving Idea: Packing cubes

For the organizer in your life!  Or maybe just a traveler who would like to be organized?! These packing cubes are a great gift for anyone in your life who might travel even a little bit. Also a perfect gift if you are getting engaged this holiday season and will also be planning a honeymoon!  Perfect for a college student, travel partner, world traveling sister or a business woman.  

$30-50 Gift Giving Idea: gift card

This middle of the range gift giving, is slightly harder to get perfect.  However, if you have a book lover in your life, a Barnes and Noble gift card makes for a ‘thoughtful’ gift that isn’t personal.  This way, the receiver can go get what they want and spend their holiday time doing the best leisure activity: reading. 
If you don’t have a book lover in your life, this could a Michael’s gift card, or as simple as Amazon!

$50-55 Gift giving idea: Fragrance

This makes a great gift because it comes with three difference perfumes, in small sizes. The packaging is adorable, and of course there are many more giftable sets like this one.  This is one of many I like!  For your own personal gift, you should find out what type of scents the gift receiver would love.

$80-100 Gift giving idea: Espresso Maker

This espresso maker is on sale the week I’m posting this! This is another great gift for those who won’t splurge on themselves.  Or, if you are buying for your household, and this is a gift to yourself AND your partner, or even just your guests.  This particular espresso maker comes with a frother, and has amazing reviews.

$90-100 Gift giving idea: skin care

High quality skincare makes a fantastic gift, especially for those in your life who wouldn’t splurge on themselves.  I have used this specific formula from Estee Lauder, and can say it WORKS! It goes on nice, and in the morning my skin is hydrated and refreshed. 

$100-200 Gift giving idea: concert

Going to a concert, especially a symphony, or theater show makes for a wonderful and memorable gift. Personally, I absolutely love going to anything from seeing a band play, to seeing an amazing theater show, and especially going to see the symphony.  Anything involving music and an evening out makes for a great gift! Complete the show with a nice dinner, and it is a night made in heaven!

$200-300 Gift giving idea: jewelry

A piece of delicate jewelry is enough to make a girl swoon.  This particular piece is from Etsy, and I just love how great it looks on its own, or stacked with other rings.  The seller has many other options perfect for your partner, in all metals and with other stones, not just diamonds. 
What is your driving force?

What is your driving force?

As I write my blogs, I tend to do research along side writing. Often, asking questions to the internet before I finish thinking through my own perspective. This leads to the discovery of some great gems! Today’s gem is the, “What is your driving force?” {read more}

Getting ready for your dreams

Getting ready for your dreams

This post is all about getting ready for your hopes and dreams to come true! Take action to day. Be encouraged.

Lessons from fruit

Lessons from fruit

There is a good chance you’ve heard this lesson previously, but it is one I come back to often and wanted to be sure to share.

The late, Dr. Wayne Dyer is known for asking the question, “When an orange is squeezed, what comes out?” The answer, of course being, “Orange juice (and probably a few seeds for future oranges).” That’s right, apple juice doesn’t come out, celery juice doesn’t come out. Only orange juice comes out.

The question is meant to illustrate, that what is inside, is what comes out. Wayne goes on to ask, “If you were squeezed, what would come out?”

Please know, this isn’t meant to be taken literally… but it is food for thought. Just think, when is the last time you felt stressed or frustrated, in other words, squeezed? What came out…? Maybe a big sigh and a grimace? Or maybe a special gesture and a few curse words? Perhaps, you used the energy and went for a run? Maybe you redirected the energy and let off some steam by focusing on a hobby?

Either way, what is inside is always what comes out. If we are filled with anger, it will eventually come out. If we are filled with joy, it will be shown on the outside. Filling our minds and hearts with a delightful, light-hearted attitude will allow that to be expressed. Being mindful of what we are watching, listening to, and believing is so important to ensure we aren’t allowing ourselves to be filled with unhelpful thoughts.

The next time you pour yourself a glass of water, think to yourself – if I was quenching my emotional state, which feeling would I choose to take in.

And, if you so choose to connect in the comments below, tell us how much you LOVE pulp 🙂

Dress Haul: Wedding Guest

Dress Haul: Wedding Guest

Welcome to SPOOKY season! Today’s post is one from the archives. That’s right, back from when I originally wanted to start a YouTube. At that time (2017/2018), I was filming and editing just not posting. This blog started instead years later at the end of {read more}