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12 days of Christmas: Affirmations

12 days of Christmas: Affirmations

Hello my lovely blogfam! Today’s video is my Christmas gift to you. It is a “12 days of Christmas” Affirmation track; meant to be listened to from December 25th to January 6th. (Which happen to be the official 12 days of Christmas). This affirmation track {read more}

What is your driving force?

What is your driving force?

As I write my blogs, I tend to do research along side writing. Often, asking questions to the internet before I finish thinking through my own perspective. This leads to the discovery of some great gems! Today’s gem is the, “What is your driving force?” {read more}

Life lessons from baseball

Life lessons from baseball

Welcome back to my blog everyone, and happy autumn season here in the northern hemisphere. As baseball season is transitioning from its regular season into playoffs; I thought this was the perfect time to highlight how great of a sport it is! And of course, you all know how much I love books and learning from other people’s experiences! With that said, lets get into today’s post with some background on why I love sports, specifically baseball.

My love for baseball

Personally, I only got into baseball as a teenager, and then moreso when I was an adult who moved from Philadelphia down south. Of course, being raised near Philly, naturally I am a Phillies fan. I quickly learned about the differences in leagues, and how they roll up to determine which team plays which. Not to mention, I’ve had the opportunity to go to MANY stadiums around the United States. Including a few trips to Wrigley Field, in Chicago; a trip or two to Braves Stadium in Atlanta; a single trip to Padres Stadium in San Diego and countless times to Fenwey in Boston, for tours, visits and yes even the game where a fist fight broke out between the Yankees and the Red Sox.

My love for baseball started as a way to connect with Philadelphia while I was away, but quickly grew into a more mature understanding of the sport, and an appreciation for the strategy involved.

Book Inspiration!

This deeper understanding of baseball, watching the communication between the pitcher and the catcher. The look in the eyes of the batters, and the choices the runners have to make, led me to read the book, “Just tell me I can’t: How Jamie Moyer Defied the Radar Gun and Defeated Time”. Yes, this book is about baseball, but even more, it is about life.

Jamie Moyer was a pitcher for the Phillies and the Seattle Mariners. He is known as the oldest pitcher who stayed in the game, and also had a unique style. If you are at all interested in sports, or personal motivation, or both! (sports and personal motivation); I highly recommend you at least watch my video summarizing the book. Or pick up a copy! Either way, please tell me what you think about baseball in the comments down below ūüôā

Inspiration Spotlight: Music and our Brains

Inspiration Spotlight: Music and our Brains

Recently, I had the pleasure of having dinner with some amazing people. One of which was Dr. Jonathan Burdette, a professor of Neuroradiology at Wake Forest School of Medicine. He is working on important and inspiring things with VR (Virtual Reality) and has previously worked {read more}

Inspiration Spotlight

Inspiration Spotlight

Hello everyone! Today, I am starting a new blog series called “Inspiration Spotlight” which will highlight the people in my life. All of which, I know personally. People who have inspired me and others around them! There is a saying, that you are most like {read more}

Believing in your purpose

Believing in your purpose

Hello! Wow, this year has been a great one for us at BrightEyedSmiles.com. 2022 brought with it so much clarity for me. With over a year of posts on this blog, often going back and taking my own advice, or doing the exercises I’ve suggested for you, on my own. I’ve finally gained not only a much clearer mind, but also an excitement for my personal life vision. With this renewed sense of who I am, and peace with where I want to go; I’ve also realized the importance of BELIEVING in myself. Believing that my vision WILL come to fruition.

If you watched Ted Lasso, you’ll know the “believe” sign. Well, today is meant to provide the inspiration to create your own, ‘believe’ sign.



Knowing your purpose or vision

How focused and purposed are you living your life currently? As we progress further into the new year, it is time to check-in with ourselves and truly ask, “Am I staying focused?” and, “Am I taking intentional actions toward fulfilling my purpose?” As well as, is this still the purpose or vision I want for my 2022 year or for my life?

In a recent post, I shared the Berkeley Greater Good “Purpose in life Questionnaire”. If you have checked that out, it could be helpful! Don’t worry, it is not meant to determine your purpose, only see how well you know yours.

Throughout this blog, there are many posts on figuring out your vision and purpose. If you haven’t yet gone through those, either start with the vision board creation from awhile ago, or the creating your vision which is more recent.



Do you believe?

Throughout this blog, we’ve explore many different aspects of your personality, development of a life vision and being intentional with your time. All the clarity and knowledge in the world doesn’t matter if you don’t believe.

Therefore, today’s challenge is to believe, again, in your vision. Further, to believe in yourself! To believe that you WILL fulfill your purpose in life. And that, you WILL see your vision for your life unfold. With that, I’ve created a template for screenshot. So that, you can create your own Ted Lasso “Believe” sign. Screenshot it and write your vision or purpose in one word. Use it as a background, as a reminder throughout the day to believe in your vision!


If you want some fun Ted Lasso Inspired goodies, check out my good friend’s Etsy Shop here.

Heart Health

Heart Health

Soon it will be Heart Health Awareness month. You may have seen your local American Heart Association signs go up for the walks occurring around the United States. Today I’m sharing a podcast that especially inspires me to continue taking care of my body. Either {read more}

Thoughts and inspiration about why delight is so important

Thoughts and inspiration about why delight is so important

Today’s post contains thoughts and inspiration around why delight is so important on a daily basis. Also included are links to books about delight. AND phone backgrounds for a reminder to find delight today!

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day


There are many women in my life that are absolutely outstanding. Amazing mothers, great professionals, wise educators, content creators, determined students and brave authors.

No matter their ‘title’ in life, they are all influencers in one way or another. With a wide variety of personalities, they all have ONE thing in common:¬†they set out to make the world a better place. Whether that world is their immediate home, the hospital they work in, the classroom they lead or their actual audience. Some use their words to inspire, their hands to help or their words to guide.

In each case, they provide an example, they are role models, they encourage, they coach and mentor. They listen and learn. They comfort and share. These women want every person that is apart of their lives to flourish.

Books by women I admire

NOTE: I have read or listened to each of these books.  Also, the links above are Amazon Affiliate links.


Upon reflection, I realize just how many women have shaped who I am today. Not going to be able to name all of them, and as I was writing this, more and more flooded into my memory bank. One person I didn’t name in today’s post is mentioned on my inspiration page, along with additional books by female authors.¬† It makes me realize how fortunate I truly am! Especially the time I was growing up – all the women before me who stood in their convictions and made sure we could vote. The women who broke the glass ceiling and blazed trails that were previously not available to us!¬†¬†

The next section is literally me gushing about many amazing women in my life. Starting from the early years going until now. Of course, this does not even come close to describing every one! However, one commonality is each women’s nurturing sprit.


Just a kid

Going back all the way to pre-school, one of my teachers would shake the milk and ask if I wanted a ‘milkshake’. Even today, when I shake my oat milk, I think of this woman. We shared a last name but weren’t family. This little simple gesture still warms my heart.

Next, one of my grammar school teachers, who happened to teach me English. (I think she reads these… hi Mrs. D!). She truly wanted to see each of her students succeed. Her directness, her smile and her laugh, and her overall vibe was so regal but comforting at the same time. Being in her presence I always felt held to a high expectation but also so safe and cared for.


Young Adult Years

There was one nun in particular, who gave me the ability to be bold, honest and confident. She never wanted to see me conform, and always wanted to see me do my best.

In college, my English professor comes to mind. Her ability to draw out emotion from literature, and teach us how to express ourselves was almost spiritual.


Full grown adult

Right out of college my first leader taught me EVERYTHING about real-world business. She gave me a chance. Thankful that she took me traveling, helped me build confidence. The best part, she role modeled how to be classy and taught me the nuance of being client facing. Outside of work, she is an amazing mother and gracious wife. She takes care of her family in a way that is so gentle, graceful and something I hope I can be one day.

Another amazing woman in my life is the mother of one of my good friends. She was almost a mother to me in college. Having just spoken to her yesterday, immediate thoughts of how strong, honest and caring she is.

My memories include lots of yummy homecooked meals, a sweet and loving laughter. No matter if I just stopped in with no notice or made arrangements to see her months in advance, she always had a hot cup of coffee and a meal to whip up. She and her husband treated me like a daughter, they came to visit me in NC. She’s always always made me feel welcome, heard and loved. She is another amazing woman who is confident, genuine and strong.



Gosh, I could seriously go on and on. One more for now and I’ll save some for the years to come. One of my family members. Her voice is as smooth as butter. She ministers to many, speaks life into others and all while dealing with quite a bit within her own household. Knowing that she’s seen more in this life than most could handle, she stays true to her faith and helps others grow theirs. Even though we live miles apart, I know I am in her prayers and she in mine.¬†

Tree of Life Gorgeous

On this International Women’s Day,

Honor those who have grown the love in your life. 


First, take a moment to recognize yourself. Take a few moments to think about how far you’ve come as a person and in your field. Acknowledge your strength and the difference you make. Allow yourself to let appreciation for your good decisions wash over you. Realize the strength it takes to make the improvements to yourself.


After, think about the women who have impacted your life! If they are still on earth, maybe send a text or make a phone call to let them know. Not only to say thank you, but to let them know how you are doing! What I’ve noticed over time is that most women truly do want to see others succeed! Therefore, if someone has has a positive influence on you, they most likely also want to hear how that helped you grow!


Lastly, reflect a moment on someone that may look up to you as the role model and example. Pour into their life today or the near future, open up if you feel comfortable! Being vulnerable and sharing the hurdles you may have overcome are sometimes the moments that make the biggest impact.

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Purpose: The ‘why’

Purpose: The ‘why’

Before we jump into today’s blog post.¬† After the recent¬†historical events which occurred yesterday in the United States it is with¬†hesitation that this post goes up today.¬†¬† After reflection, today’s topic lends itself well.¬† When we may need stability within ourselves or find ourselves asking {read more}