Month: April 2021

being a newbie

being a newbie

When is the last time you experienced something new? Take a second and really think on it. Potentially as simple as ordering something new from your favorite restaurant, or as big as a new hobby. Or, maybe it has been years since you’ve veered from {read more}

Asking for help

Asking for help

Asking for help is something I’ve never been good at. Over the course of many years, it is something I’ve realized I needed to improve on. Today for example, an awesome friend came over to help with a home project I’ve been wanting done for {read more}

Product launch and Giveaway!

Product launch and Giveaway!

Hello everyone! Today’s post is a bit different.  Instead of a traditional blog post, I am launching my first products.  And hosting the FIRST giveaway! 

Que the YAY here. The occasion, you ask?! Mother’s Day!

This year, in the United States, Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 9th. Some family’s celebrate the mother’s in their lives with Sunday Brunch or small gifts. The day surrounds the sweet, calm recognition of how amazing the mother’s in our lives are! Nurturing, kind, and strong are three of the top words that come to mind when I think of the mom’s in my life.

Which leads us to my first product lunch and its corresponding give-away. I’ve started to create products with the tagline, “Love Grows Here”. Seeing that these are fitting for a sweet Mother’s Day gift, it seems right to launch now!





Pictures are below for my product launch!  The store front is on TeeSpring.  Use code FREESHIP for free shipping through May 7th, 2021.


 There are TWO MUGS and TWO sticker sheets which will be given away, for a total of FOUR winners! To enter, share your favorite blog post on social media, linking the blog post and tag me!  I look forward to hearing which is your favorite and hopefully you will win!! 
  • On Facebook and LinkedIn, link the site & simply tag my name
  • On Instagram, share one of the posts & tag @brighteyedsmiles
  • If you aren’t on social media platforms, write a comment below
A randomized drawing will take place on Monday, April 26th, after I will reach out to the winners!

Inspiration behind “Love Grows Here”

Have you ever heard the song by Edison Lighthouse, “Love Grows Where my Rosemary Goes”?

One of the fondest memories I have is walking through the streets of Philly. On this particular day, my boyfriend at the time, sung this song, and even played it on guitar! (Maybe he was just singing but my mind seems to remember that he had his guitar too.) Before that day, I knew of the song. However, the accuracy of the lyrics really hit home as he was singing it to me! Especially the ‘her hair is wild and free’ part. Here we are twenty years later (he reads this blog… so: Hi (*smile*) and thank you!)

Well! that brings us today’s giveaway and product launch! My intention with this blog is to spread more love, inspire others and grow happy thoughts. I hope this these mugs and stickers are a reflection of that! And, if you win or order them, that they will be a reminder of love, inspiration and happy things!


Love Grows Lyrics


Inspiration behind the pastel tree

Often, while listening to conference calls, or just doodling, I tend to draw trees, hearts, flowers and sunny skies. So many of my notebooks have random drawings of trees throughout. My love for nature is real (by the today is Earth Day! yay). I wanted something that represented comfort, growth and ‘mother nature’. So I did an upscaled version of my doodles!


Other Cute Gifts

Maybe mugs and stickers aren’t your thing?! Here a links to other sites with adorable gifts!


  • Amazon Affiliate Finds:



Before we get started with today’s post: yes, I’m an extrovert :). I can also be a little extra. And lastly, in the past 15 years, I’ve never met a stranger 🙂 Let’s GOOOOO Have you seen the famous quote by Maya Angelou: People will {read more}

Not motivated?

Not motivated?

Sometimes, after a long period of burn out, we loose motivation. Often, we see that coming. However, other times, the lack of motivation feels like it comes out of no where. In either case, this feeling can be quite unsettling. Especially for those who are {read more}

Start, stop, continue

Start, stop, continue

At one point or another, the majority of people find themselves in a situation they wish they weren’t in. Usually, this happens after a series of small decisions that slowly took the person off course. Rarely are these situations purposeful or an all-of-a-sudden type moment. For example, the top 3 major concerns of an individual in the general public typically surround: weight, finances and relationships. Each of these topics typically change over time from micro-decisions moment to moment. Aside from the the occasional “all-in” bet at the casino.

Personally, I believe that there are no magic pills or 1-hour seminars to that provide long-term sustainable fixes. The simple truth still stands: disciplined positive habits produce change. In other words, micro-decisions make up bigger decisions and those decisions lead to outcomes which over time add up to a result.

The good news is…

Depending on how you look at it, this could be GOOD news. Meaning, your current potentially not-so-great situation isn’t permanent! In this current moment you can start changing direction, slowly but surely to tilt the outcome in the opposite direction.

However, this also means, the work is never done! Meaning, for those trying to loose weight, if you started today to make small decisions toward your goal, eventually you would see 5lbs, 10lbs, 25lbs come off. Once you see your goal weight on the scale, that isn’t the ‘end’. Instead, it would need to become the new baseline to be maintained.

You got yourself in, you can get yourself out.

Start, stop, continue

Another key point to consider with this concept, is that in any life, there are behaviors, actions and habits all mixed in. A variety, if you will, which makes up you and your life. Within this variety, there are going to be things to change, some to stop all together, some to start and the good stuff that needs to be continued.


As you’ve been reading along, you’ve probably identified a handful of things you would like to change about yourself. Or perhaps, you’ve started thinking back to your 2021 goals and resolutions. With these things in mind, list either one goal or one change you’d like to see come to fruition. Using the below template, write down ONE thing in each box.

Once you have your screenshot or paper filled out, display it in a place where you can see it frequently. Refer back to it at least once a day. Give yourself credit for the days where you hold yourself accountable. The days you don’t follow through, give yourself a break and start again the following.

If you have trouble following through more than 3 consecutive days, break each into a smaller increment. For example, if you have something like “start going to bed at 10pm” but you find yourself still staying up until midnight. Ease up a bit, and instead shift to, “go to bed between 10pm and 11pm”. The small difference will allow you to ‘win’ more often and gain positive momentum.

Use this in combination with the habit tracker exercise and you WILL see your daily life, eventually months start shifting more toward the life you’ve always wanted!

start stop continue
Giving yourself credit

Giving yourself credit

Reflection Today’s post is a bit different than most. In brief, it is a reflection exercise. Most likely, this should be done individually or in discussion with a loved one. It may be helpful to have old journals, phone notes or pictures within reach. Think {read more}

What now?

What now?

That dreaded feeling Do you ever find yourself asking, “What should I do now?”  Potentially this question flashes before you at an unexpected dead-end in the road, and others it comes a ‘real-life’ dead-end. Sometimes, long-time-coming or completely unexpected, this feeling isn’t normally a good {read more}

5 Principles for Improvement

5 Principles for Improvement

Situational lessons to carry forward

If there is anything this pandemic is teaching us, it is that determination and perseverance alone aren’t enough. Largely, at the very least, the need to adapt and adjust without knowing what is around the corner is necessary. In addition, extending grace and empathy to one another every single day must be layered on top. Specifically within the workplace, no longer about who can do it better or faster, it more so became a matter teamwork at its finest. In personal life, it seems like increasing connection, even if virtual and seeking to listen became more important.

In both cases, leveraging basic principles helps! Most of which are good reminders going forward (even one day, without a pandemic). Also, each bullet point can be used individually to improve! However, together the principles allow for true, long term success.

Five Principles

The 5 principles to establish to keep moving forward no matter the circumstances:

  1. Clarity.  Establish clarity as soon as possible. Remind others often regarding the purpose and desired outcome (this goes for a couple, a team or a department).
  2. Simplicity.  Keep it simple. In all that you do, no matter the task, keep it simple: communication, process development, database building, etc. Use straight forward language and envision what *actually* has to happen. Keeping it simple allows for every person to understand and be on board.  Undoubtedly, people may disagree, but at least they will understand!
  3. Communication.  Remember, what is and also, what isn’t spoken, sometimes makes a big difference.  Despite any association with being an introvert or an extrovert: find a way to communicate your thoughts and ideas. In addition, know your audience and express yourself in a way that can be digested. Listen (and watch) for responses to your communication outward, and listen to those communicating ‘to’ you.  Lastly, make it a priority to hear and process each and everyone’s thoughts.
  4. Decide.  After considering inputs, a decision should be made. This happens sometimes at high level, but also needs to happen at a macro level by each person apart of the plan and finally at a micro level by those performing a task.  Each decision should be in line with the purpose.
  5. Stay consistent. Stay consistent to the purpose and decisions made.  Veering away from either ends in confusion and demotivation of those involved.


Please share  anything the pandemic experience has taught you by writing in the comments down below! It would be great to come up with additional thoughts or hear how the above list resonated.