12 days of Christmas: Affirmations

12 days of Christmas: Affirmations

Hello my lovely blogfam! Today’s video is my Christmas gift to you. It is a “12 days of Christmas” Affirmation track; meant to be listened to from December 25th to January 6th. (Which happen to be the official 12 days of Christmas).

This affirmation track is quite different from others I have posted, as they are in a “wishing you well” format. Meaning, you will hear my voice saying, “May you…”. The format of “you are” is becoming extremely popular, however I wanted to try something different. Therefore, this is almost as though someone is praying over you for just about 5 minutes.

Your feedback on my affirmation tracks is extremely important to me. I create these tracks for your enjoyment, and to assist in a healthy, positive mindset. (And yes, I use my own affirmation tracks :)).

Let me know what you think!

Daily Affirmations and affirmation tracks in general are great to help your subconscious and conscious mind.  Often, I use them in the background while working, or during meditation.  In addition, these types of affirmations can be used while falling asleep.  I enjoy writing them down, and meditating over some of those that feel more ‘resistant’ to me.  Listening to these types of affirmation tracks can often help identify where your resistance, or limiting beliefs sit.  Meaning, if you feel doubtful, or negative about something I say in the affirmation track, most likely your subconscious mind needs ‘help’ in that area.  This is a useful way to overcome limiting beliefs and get your self concept or mindset back on track for a successful start to 2023. All the love and light! Rose 

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