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What is your driving force?

What is your driving force?

As I write my blogs, I tend to do research along side writing. Often, asking questions to the internet before I finish thinking through my own perspective. This leads to the discovery of some great gems! Today’s gem is the, “What is your driving force?” {read more}

How well do you know your purpose?

How well do you know your purpose?

Knowing your purpose is good for your health Little did I know, that knowing your purpose is important and good for your health! Both mentally and physically. Upon deeper reflection, this makes total sense. After all, an individual who wakes up and goes about their {read more}

Believing in your purpose

Believing in your purpose

Hello! Wow, this year has been a great one for us at BrightEyedSmiles.com. 2022 brought with it so much clarity for me. With over a year of posts on this blog, often going back and taking my own advice, or doing the exercises I’ve suggested for you, on my own. I’ve finally gained not only a much clearer mind, but also an excitement for my personal life vision. With this renewed sense of who I am, and peace with where I want to go; I’ve also realized the importance of BELIEVING in myself. Believing that my vision WILL come to fruition.

If you watched Ted Lasso, you’ll know the “believe” sign. Well, today is meant to provide the inspiration to create your own, ‘believe’ sign.



Knowing your purpose or vision

How focused and purposed are you living your life currently? As we progress further into the new year, it is time to check-in with ourselves and truly ask, “Am I staying focused?” and, “Am I taking intentional actions toward fulfilling my purpose?” As well as, is this still the purpose or vision I want for my 2022 year or for my life?

In a recent post, I shared the Berkeley Greater Good “Purpose in life Questionnaire”. If you have checked that out, it could be helpful! Don’t worry, it is not meant to determine your purpose, only see how well you know yours.

Throughout this blog, there are many posts on figuring out your vision and purpose. If you haven’t yet gone through those, either start with the vision board creation from awhile ago, or the creating your vision which is more recent.



Do you believe?

Throughout this blog, we’ve explore many different aspects of your personality, development of a life vision and being intentional with your time. All the clarity and knowledge in the world doesn’t matter if you don’t believe.

Therefore, today’s challenge is to believe, again, in your vision. Further, to believe in yourself! To believe that you WILL fulfill your purpose in life. And that, you WILL see your vision for your life unfold. With that, I’ve created a template for screenshot. So that, you can create your own Ted Lasso “Believe” sign. Screenshot it and write your vision or purpose in one word. Use it as a background, as a reminder throughout the day to believe in your vision!


If you want some fun Ted Lasso Inspired goodies, check out my good friend’s Etsy Shop here.

Embracing who you truly are

Embracing who you truly are

Welcome back fam! I’m going to get straight to the point: for the longest time I forced myself to be someone I wasn’t. Instead of embracing the delicate, soft parts of myself; I showed the world only my thorns. Randomly finding this little quiz on {read more}

Simple sewing tutorial

Simple sewing tutorial

Today’s post is different! I wanted to try something new and share a hobby with you. Many people are surprised when they find out I can sew. Today’s tutorial is a super simple one. As I work on more complex sewing projects I will keep you all updated. Hope you enjoy!

The perfect day (this or that)

The perfect day (this or that)

Feel it.

For just a few seconds, pause. Take a deep breathe. Think about the last time you savored a moment. The last time you completed something or maybe the last time you gave yourself time to relax. The last time you felt content or a sense of accomplishment. Let yourself remember enough to recreate feeling again.

Next, think about a day that stands out in your mind as good. Do you remember the sky that day? The food you ate? Or the outfit you were wearing? Remember how it felt to go to bed that day? Or waking up the following morning after a really good day?

Feel that feeling? The tiny little happy feeling. The feeling that might bring a smile across your face? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel that more often?


What makes YOU smile?

What one person calls a good day, may be completely different than another’s. And it is always fun to learn about another person’s preference! Or, even get to know yourself better when there are only two options.

Maybe you could make everyday your perfect day. Or, maybe this would be a one time thing.

Referring back to the Pilot Light post, do you still have your list of daily activities? This time I made a shareable ‘This or That’ list.


Share the fun!

Screenshot the below and tick mark your preference! If you want, share it on your Instagram story and got others in on the fun.

Or, take out a sheet of paper, and write out from morning until night the activities that would make up a day.


This or that


This is meant to be fun! Because the sharable can only fit a small screen, I made a longer list below for inspiration. Certain I didn’t capture everything, please add any This or Thats in the comments!

  • Early riser? Sleeping in?
  • Coffee? Tea? Water?
  • Starbucks? Dunkin? Keurig? Chemex?
  • Meditation? Prayer? Singing?
  • Cleaning? Organizing? Leave it Dirty?
  • Jog? Peloton? Lift?
  • Boat? Plane? Motorcycle? My own two feet?
  • Dog walks? Bird watching? Not an animal person?
  • Museum? Walking tour? Duck boat?
  • Working extra hours? Taking a day off?
  • Photography? Painting? Writing? Making music?
  • Mountain? Ocean? Lake? Field?
  • Reading? Listening? Journaling?
  • Finishing an assignment? Starting something new?
  • Hiking? Mountain Biking? Kayaing?
  • Throwing a party? Board game night?
  • Gardening? Mowing? Indoor plants?
  • Going through old pictures? Creating new memories?
  • Taking a lesson? Practicing on your own?
  • Friends? Family? Both? Me time?
  • Zipline? White water rafting? Rock climbing?
  • Picnic? Cooking? Fine dining?
  • Going for a drive in your old neighborhood? Jumping out of an airplane?
  • Binge watching a show? Going out for a movie? Going to a concert?
  • Hot bath? Hot tub? Cold shower?
  • Turning in early? Staying up to see the sun rise?


I hope at the very least, this list gave you a happy few minutes! If you decide to create your perfect day, let me know how it goes 🙂