The perfect day (this or that)

The perfect day (this or that)

Feel it.

For just a few seconds, pause. Take a deep breathe. Think about the last time you savored a moment. The last time you completed something or maybe the last time you gave yourself time to relax. The last time you felt content or a sense of accomplishment. Let yourself remember enough to recreate feeling again.

Next, think about a day that stands out in your mind as good. Do you remember the sky that day? The food you ate? Or the outfit you were wearing? Remember how it felt to go to bed that day? Or waking up the following morning after a really good day?

Feel that feeling? The tiny little happy feeling. The feeling that might bring a smile across your face? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel that more often?


What makes YOU smile?

What one person calls a good day, may be completely different than another’s. And it is always fun to learn about another person’s preference! Or, even get to know yourself better when there are only two options.

Maybe you could make everyday your perfect day. Or, maybe this would be a one time thing.

Referring back to the Pilot Light post, do you still have your list of daily activities? This time I made a shareable ‘This or That’ list.


Share the fun!

Screenshot the below and tick mark your preference! If you want, share it on your Instagram story and got others in on the fun.

Or, take out a sheet of paper, and write out from morning until night the activities that would make up a day.


This or that


This is meant to be fun! Because the sharable can only fit a small screen, I made a longer list below for inspiration. Certain I didn’t capture everything, please add any This or Thats in the comments!

  • Early riser? Sleeping in?
  • Coffee? Tea? Water?
  • Starbucks? Dunkin? Keurig? Chemex?
  • Meditation? Prayer? Singing?
  • Cleaning? Organizing? Leave it Dirty?
  • Jog? Peloton? Lift?
  • Boat? Plane? Motorcycle? My own two feet?
  • Dog walks? Bird watching? Not an animal person?
  • Museum? Walking tour? Duck boat?
  • Working extra hours? Taking a day off?
  • Photography? Painting? Writing? Making music?
  • Mountain? Ocean? Lake? Field?
  • Reading? Listening? Journaling?
  • Finishing an assignment? Starting something new?
  • Hiking? Mountain Biking? Kayaing?
  • Throwing a party? Board game night?
  • Gardening? Mowing? Indoor plants?
  • Going through old pictures? Creating new memories?
  • Taking a lesson? Practicing on your own?
  • Friends? Family? Both? Me time?
  • Zipline? White water rafting? Rock climbing?
  • Picnic? Cooking? Fine dining?
  • Going for a drive in your old neighborhood? Jumping out of an airplane?
  • Binge watching a show? Going out for a movie? Going to a concert?
  • Hot bath? Hot tub? Cold shower?
  • Turning in early? Staying up to see the sun rise?


I hope at the very least, this list gave you a happy few minutes! If you decide to create your perfect day, let me know how it goes 🙂


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