What is your driving force?

What is your driving force?

As I write my blogs, I tend to do research along side writing. Often, asking questions to the internet before I finish thinking through my own perspective. This leads to the discovery of some great gems!

Today’s gem is the, “What is your driving force?” quiz by Tony Robbins. The link is here. It is a ten question quiz so quick, but very insightful. The variety of answers might take a bit of consideration, however it is worth it! Once you finish the quiz, it not only tells you your driving force, but goes through the potential strengths and weaknesses, as well as where to shift your focus and become more well-rounded.

My results

My driving force is GROWTH. This is not a surprise to me! I’m not sure what the other options are, so as you as readers take the quiz and tell me what result you got I’d love to compare and contrast! It is funny to me that my blog is a reflection of this driving force. Also, I loved reading through the potential strengths, weaknesses and where to watch-out!

Loved this quiz, hope you do to!


These quizzes tend to be rated highly by you as readers, and I also LOVE hearing your results! So, if you’d like to share down below what your driving force is, please do!

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