Rejuvenate your soul

Rejuvenate your soul

Seasons come, Seasons go

Winter is somehow almost over in the northern hemisphere! Spring is rolling in, depending on where you are in the world you may already have flowers sprouting! The beginning of any season is especially a happy time for me. The changes in the earth can be seen by our eyes. Whereas in the midst of a season it sometimes feels like it is drudging on or will never end.

As winter comes to an end, think back over the past few months. During this time did you do anything to feed your soul? Were there any particular activities or days which stand out in your mind and defined the season? How about any particular people who seem to be a shining light?


Let your light shine

Remember an older post about your pilot light? This post has a similar message in the sense that it is not only time to check in on how you have been feeling and where your energy level is; but it is also time to start actively engaging in the activities which light up your soul. Those activities, places and people which make you feel your best. Or make you feel young again. Reignite your soul. Let yourself indulge in something that moves you deeply. Rejuvenate your soul.


Time to flourish

It’s time to flourish. Let that sink in. The screenshot below is from the Merriam Webster dictionary.

Mental Scene

I love the first one, “to grow luxuriantly”. I picture an English garden with lush grass, trestles of roses, butterflies and birds. Cute little benches, just enough sunshine but the dew is still resting on the delicate flowers. All is quiet except for the gentle movement of a calm breeze. Just beyond the rose garden is a pond with floating lily pads with young lovers beside one another reading.

When you bring to mind the word flourish, what mental scene comes to mind? Perhaps yours is very different than mine and brings about treehouses, hot air balloons or playing in the park with your family. Or even more different still, sailing, fishing or playing a sport.



Meditate on the word flourish. Define it from your own words. Create a mental image in your minds eye and describe it in writing or to a friend. Come back to the scene often. Allow yourself to get swept away with your own imagery.


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