Destination: Yes, I can

Destination: Yes, I can

Throughout the journey toward your destination, there will most likely be moments of worry, or doubt. Previous posts have addressed this from different angles. One post on self-doubt, which at the time I was feeling heavily. And another which provides some encouragement to keep going. It goes without saying that the mind body connection plays an important role in achieving success. This more recent topic of study is revealing that our minds affect the status of our bodies and our bodies affect the status of our minds.

Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and attitudes affect our biological functioning… Many mind-body therapies focus on becoming more conscious of mental states and using this increased awareness to guide our mental states in a better, less destructive direction.

Patricia Hart, MD

This awareness crosses over well with our specific goals and desires for life! Think about the initial rush you get when setting out for a new goal, typically without any hesitation or doubts. Or, in the reverse, think about the marathon runner whose body is ready to stop, but whose mind keeps them going over the finish line!

In my experience, mind over matter is a reality. Realizing I couldn’t live off the initial rush of a new goal forever, I had to find a way to help my brain and body align proactively. Specifically I would often have to convince my mind that at least trying something new would be a good idea. Convincing the mind that the feet should move!

The initial feeling

Both of these posts discuss how great it feels when your first setting your goals, and completing your visions. Or even if you are a day dreamer, the thought behind the dream is exciting and positive thoughts swirl! I love this feeling, but the reality is, this feeling doesn’t always last. Sometimes, in the middle of the process to get where you are going, the happy swirly feeling wears off.

If for some reason you don’t have this initial feeling and instead are going after your destination because of a required outcome. Such as a degree or certification, this post is ALSO for you. At times, this can be the more difficult path, however you are already in a logical state of mind when starting. Meaning, the outcome is necessary for your ‘true’ destination.


Personally I don’t think this is a bad thing for a handful of reasons. First, when the initial feeling wears off, your logical mind must determine if it is something you truly want, really. If your goal is still in your heart, you will be able to push through the tough stuff. (Discussed in this post about tenacity.) Basically, if you want something enough, you will find a way no matter the challenges.

A second reason the wane of the initial feeling is beneficial, is that it adds meaning to each stepping stone. Instead of a feeling getting you through, character traits or virtues are built. When I think of the people in life I respect the most, my grandparents come to mind. Although their lives were not easy and they experienced long periods where faith just didn’t make sense; my grand mom especially kept her faith and continued on. They pushed through, raised a family (in my opinion very well). They started a business and maintained relationships in the community. All of these things are admirable in my eyes.

Potentially a bit old-fashioned but the struggle also keeps humility present. And lastly, having the dedication to keep going and learn how to maneuver, can be a catalyst for teaching the next generation.


This brings is to the purpose of today’s post, which is to provide a list of helpful affirmations to repeat when your logical mind can’t seem to see through the struggle.

Positive affirmations are brief phrases, repeated frequently, which are designed to encourage positive, happy feelings, thoughts, and attitudes.

Psychology Dictionary

These affirmations might not bring the magical feeling back, but they will allow a break in any negative thought patterns. If you’d like to learn more about affirmations from a scientific perspective, this blog post by Dr. Zarya Rubin, MD provides just that. In short, her post reviews why affirmations aren’t just another positive psychology “hack”.

In fact, affirmations can actually help our mood and provide a more positive self-identity, as discussed in this post with scientific references, by Catherine Moore (Psychologist and MBA). So, we know that there are rarely shortcuts in life, but we can use affirmations to help smooth the path!

Affirmation Examples

Now that we’ve established that science backs affirmations, here are a few examples. Hopefully these will help to get you started, or can be added to your existing list! With this, I would encourage you to come up with a few of your own which mean something specifically to you and written in a language you feel most comfortable with

  • Everyday I make progress toward my destination.
  • My efforts are worthwhile, and will lead to my success.
  • I can overcome any obstacles with the right approach.
  • Inspiration comes easily and naturally to me.
  • I am able to go out about my day with ease and peace.
  • Each day I wakeup ready for what is to come!
  • My focus is consistent and long-lasting to finish the task at hand.
  • I possess a humbled confidence, with a firm knowing I will achieve success.
  • Every morning I start with an eager and expectant outlook, knowing the day will bring with it progress.
  • My path includes happy moments and good conversations.
  • Today, the feeling of accomplishment will fill my heart.
  • I share my appreciation for those around me, and those around me share their appreciation for me.
  • My previous preparation pays off and ensures my success.
  • Today, I will nurture and honor myself, listening to my intuition and taking calculated risks.
  • I am able to be self-aware without being self-critical, and give myself an honest appraisal.
  • When I see there are necessary adjustments, I make them swiftly to honor myself.
  • Today will bring with it both big and little things showing the fulfillment of my dreams.


In the comments below, please share your go-to affirmations or any which have worked for you in the past! It will help to inspire others and uplift the community of readers!

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