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Let your mind be an oasis

Let your mind be an oasis

Where ever you go, there you are. May as well create an oasis in your mind to bring with you.

How to: manage Invisalign on a daily basis

How to: manage Invisalign on a daily basis

Hello everyone! Happy October. Back when I launched my blog, I mentioned that I originally wanted to do YouTube. Over the years, I bought a vlogging camera and filmed at least 40 videos, editing about 10. The video in today’s post is one of the {read more}



Before we get started with today’s post: yes, I’m an extrovert :). I can also be a little extra. And lastly, in the past 15 years, I’ve never met a stranger 🙂


Have you seen the famous quote by Maya Angelou:

People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But, people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Recognizing that this is controversial to some who study psychology.  Because technically you can’t make anyone feel a certain way.  This quote still rings true in my opinion. While we can’t guarantee someone will understand or see our intentions; we can do our best to express intent. It would be a rare person who can let every interaction, no matter how extreme, just roll of their back. Plus, I honestly don’t know how healthy that would be. Not to mention, being thoughtful and treating others with kindness can change another person’s entire day.

As we go into any situation, it is up to us to be respectful, kind and present. Regardless, if it be with a stranger or someone we know well. Yes, sometimes we may be in a massive rush. Perhaps we’ve got our own ‘stuff’ going on. But to truly stop and ‘see’ the other person and hold space, is the most noble thing you can do. Even if the interaction is fleeting, in line at a drive through, the exchange can be not just pleasant but deeply human.


When I first moved down to the southern part of the United States, this was a struggle for me. Having been ‘trained up’ to be overly results oriented and reduce any emotion to zero; it was difficult for me to understand why people would want me to even make eye contact. Let alone, slow down long enough to exchange pleasantries. Remember the post where I talked about the t-shirt that says, “I’m not angry, I’m from Philly”?

In a specific example, a now amazing and dear friend of mine would pass by my cubicle each morning. And she’d ask, “Are you doing okay?” Leave it to this northerner to take offense. Thinking she was implying I wasn’t okay or that something seemed amiss. It wasn’t until years later, we would laugh about this. Years of her pouring into our friendship, listening to me and even letting me borrow her own mom for advice. Now, this seems so hilarious to me, but also looking back, kind of sad!

It also makes me realize that many people are walking around in a broken place and don’t even realize it. It is safe to say that my extreme cold demeanor and less than pleasant resting face, reflected something going on internally.

Becoming more warm

With a need for more than one pair of sunglasses, and more months with less layers, life was simply better. Being outside is my preference, and being social outside is even better. The opportunities to do so were vast in this world of Carolina blue skies. During the first few years of being in the South, not only did I experience a massive amount of sunshine, but I also became warmer.

Some think that southerners aren’t genuine. Granted, I can only speak from my experience, which has shown me that if someone asks how you are doing, they truly do want to know. In some cases, it might be for gossip (haha), but in most cases, its out of real concern. Gradually realizing how freeing it was to open up, about the tough stuff, and the happy stuff too!

Celebrating with and comforting others is what this life is all about.

– An extrovert who has never met a stranger

The general concern for other’s well-being exists in almost every interaction here. With close friends of course the topics are deeper and more vulnerable. With cashiers and the public, it is likely with enough interactions you’ll get to know them!

Over time many strangers have become friends – sometimes the person sitting next to me in the airport. And other times the college student ringing up my groceries.

Say, do, feel

Going back to Maya Angelou’s quote, in my mind this means to walk around authentically. It doesn’t necessarily mean smiling at others 24/7 or playing ‘walking on sunshine’ endlessly through your mind. I do think simply being genuine and paying attention makes the world of difference. “Seeing” another person by hearing what isn’t obvious and responding thoughtfully. Being available for another to just sit and talk. Listening without comment. Celebrating along side another, or walking into chaos with them. Taking responsibility for our own behavior within the context of the situation. We might not always say or do the right thing, but being genuine and thoughtful goes a long way.

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY! There are many women in my life that are absolutely outstanding. Amazing mothers, great professionals, wise educators, content creators, determined students and brave authors. No matter their ‘title’ in life, they are all influencers in one way or another. With a {read more}

Up in the sky.

Up in the sky.

HAPPY PLACE. My happy place used to be inside an airplane, in the air, above the clouds. I did my best thinking on the plane, my best sleeping on the plane, my best reading on the plane. I once woke up the passenger next to {read more}




Philly will ALWAYS be home.  Somewhere between Old City and Fairmount Park I left my heart all those years ago.  When I first moved away from Philadelphia in 2006, I returned often.  Each return trip, on the descent over the Delaware River, my heart would do backflips.  So ready to eat the food, see my friends and family and cherish the sound of the accent.  By the way, the Philadelphia accent is known to be one of the ‘best-studied’ in the world! (see this article).

One particular day in 2019, I had a layover in Philadelphia.  From what I remember I was flying from Chicago to Hartford and I captured the below picture.  My layovers in Philly are bittersweet.  Typically not enough time to leave the airport, but just enough time to talk to a fellow passenger about local sports.  

When I posted this picture on my Instagram of the Philadelphia skyline, I lovingly added #home.  Philly made me the person I am today for too many reasons to discuss here and now.  This post prompted a conversation about what the label ‘home’ meant to me.


Philadelphia Skyline

A previous life.

At the end of a long work day in 2013, somehow ‘home’ slipped into my sentence, instead of ‘hotel’. “Time to go back home.” I said to my colleague, after a Monday in the office which only started after each of us flew from different states. With laughter, he replied, “Rose… thank the lucky stars we don’t live in the Hilton.”

It certainly felt like we did.  The Easton Town Square in Columbus, Ohio was where the two of us spent a year of our lives.  Arriving on Monday’s and departing on Thursday’s, with the occasional out on Sunday back on Friday.  Each day, we left the hotel around 6:30am to get to the office at 7 and returning back for dinner around 7pm.  Sometimes only to return back to the office around 9pm to work with vendors in a time zone 12 hours ahead.   

Co-workers become family

I distinctly remember watching families enjoy time together in the square during summer and the amazement of heated sidewalks in the winter.   The feeling of gratitude that would come over me each morning when my co-worker would brush off the snow on the rental car (I was the driver).  The happy times when we would make time to stop and get ‘good’ coffee before going into the office or have a higher quality meal in the evenings.  Our lunch spot knew my order – to this day I haven’t found a restaurant meal as satisfying as that one (pineapples were included, and it was an authentic Mexican place).

We did what we could to make it feel like home, to keep ourselves from burn-out and stay upbeat, not just for our clients sake but for our own sanity. This was not without many phone calls to family and friends about the stress this particular assignment had on me. Ever so thankful for that time in my life.  The person I traveled with the most became an amazing friend.  Without warning, the experience quickly taught me about my own needs and wishes for my life.  

Complete side note: after being on the road so long, I will forever remember the first home-cooked meal I had after that year was up, it was as though I could taste the love. 

Warm Hallway

Cozy Moments.

This picture is from a hallway connecting two buildings at the client site.  Even when there were negative degree Fahrenheit temperatures outside, this hallway would warm up and usually be sunny with a great view of the snow.  It was a cozy few steps that would make the day a tiny bit brighter.




Where my heart is.

The age old saying, “home is where my heart is”, rings so true for me.  Home: not necessarily meaning where I actually live, but what brings to life that comfy, sweet feeling.  Potentially a way of coping with consistent travel and the occasional move, at some point I started to consider any current location as “home”.

South Jersey will always be home. North Carolina will also always be home. To be honest, I even consider the city of my company’s head office ‘home’. Not on purpose but when people in the airport struck up conversation by asking, “Where are you headed?”, without thinking I answered, ‘home’ regardless of the actual destination.

More importantly, I do actually get that feeling of home when I think of all the places I’ve repeatedly traveled to. Maybe its the vibe or maybe its the people I get to see (or maybe it is just a coping mechanism); either way, even work trips, felt like going home.



If you feel inclined to share, I would love to know where you feel most at home or maybe the time you felt the most homesick? 


Thank you.

Thank you to those that are following my blog and that got this far in this particular post. I appreciate the support, feedback and connection with each of you!