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What should I be when I grow up?

What should I be when I grow up?

This quiz was just TEN questions to determine what you should be when you grow up



How often do you get up in the morning, and with each step feel delighted? Putting your feet on the floor, fixing the bed head, and smiling at yourself. Putting your house slippers on and greeting your dog, perhaps with a song. Turning the hot {read more}

Today can be THE PERFECT DAY.

Today can be THE PERFECT DAY.

Over the weekend I was inspired by the first day, in a long time, I’ve had to make my own. So far this year, I’ve been traveling almost weekly. Not to mention doing some home projects and finishing up a few important things.

Saturday morning, after a great nights sleep, in my ‘new’ bedroom; I realized I had the chance to do whatever I pleased. Of course, I had made plans to take a nice hike in one of my favorite spots. It helped that the sun was shining but was still chilly from the last few transition days into Spring. I had my favorite coffee (a recent gift from a beloved friend), had the chance to meditate. And was ready to enjoy the day!

The truth is, sometimes life moves fast, or even slow but at a pace where we can’t necessarily enjoy. Especially if there are just things we MUST get done. As life moves on, I find this more and more. Therefore, I was inspired to make a video to encourage you, my audience to try and make today a perfect day. Even if you carve out 2 literal minutes to meditate, do something today to make it a bit sweeter.

You may remember my post from just over a year ago on this topic.  It has a different flavor and a THIS OR THAT!

Where are you going? and What do you want out of life?

Where are you going? and What do you want out of life?

When doing a life evaluation, it can feel so BIG. Interestingly, I tend to want to change my entire life every March or April. It is such an odd thing I’ve recognized about myself. Basically I wake up at the end of winter, when the {read more}

How to change your day after you’ve gotten up on the wrong side of the bed

How to change your day after you’ve gotten up on the wrong side of the bed

We’ve most likely all been there. We wake up and feel irritated for no good reason. Or maybe a few moments after we wake up, something small but crappy happens. This is seemingly a part of life everyone experiences. Perhaps there are groups of spiritual {read more}

Thoughts and inspiration about why delight is so important

Thoughts and inspiration about why delight is so important

When is the last time you found delight in something? For those that have children, pets or gardens, I think this may be a bit more frequent. However, the object of delight varies from person to person. Can you conjure the image of the last thing, person or place you felt delight? Perhaps, it has been too long to remember a specific instance. In that case, think of anything with which you find delight.


Delight is a choice that you and I make.

To revel in moments of celebration. A choice to luxuriate in moments of relaxation or joy.
It’s a choice to be captivated by something. To delight is a choice to find joy.

Rachel Smucker, www.urbansouthern.com


Whenever I’m reading a blog, or watching something, I appreciate it when examples are provided. This little bit of inspiration can not only give ideas, but also explain the topic so much more. With that in mind, below are some of the things I think of when I think of: delightfulness. I’d love to hear your examples in the comments section below!



For me, I find flowers absolutely delightful. I enjoy looking at them, seeing all the intricacies and enjoying them, both inside and outside my house. At the end of street, there is a rose garden and it makes me ever so happy. Bianca and I walk past it numerous times a day. (Yes, I truly do make time to stop and smell the roses, haha).

Other times, I find delight in the sun rising or setting. The night sky does it for me too. Because of this, I follow the moon cycles closely, its almost a way to tune in more with nature in my opinion. Enjoying any part of nature, whether it be trees or tiny little bugs is something I everyday try to pause and appreciate.


People and Pets

We wouldn’t be able to get through this post without me listing my sweet Bianca. Specifically when she is happy and acting like a puppy. Or in the mornings when she seems so bothered by me waking her up with my singing voice. Sometimes, she jumps in little circles when she is extra excited. And other times she falls asleep on me and I just melt.

Of course the smile of a baby and laughter of a child. Or seeing the children I’ve gotten watch grow up achieve something, large or small. It just gets me right in the heart to see someone else’s efforts pay off. Watching a child explore and the general energy they have for every activity also makes me smile so big. The wonder and glean in a child’s eye makes me want to go explore!


And two of my all time favorites:

Another thing I consider delightful is an amazing meal. Eating something healthy, with maybe a little unhealthy mixed in… and feeling full, while enjoying a great conversation. It’s just the best.

In a recent post, I talked about my rediscovery of a hobby. That hobby was reading. One evening I read a book from cover to cover. The specific book and overall experience of giving myself the time to read for this length of time was gratifying.


Why finding delight is so important

heart and soul

In my experience, when I am feeling delighted, it is my true expression of my heart and soul.  It is a sign that I am going in the right direction, and for that matter, that I am in the moment.  In a way, it is pure peace with a bit of energy sprinkled in.  Allowing yourself the feeling of delight, is just one way to be true to yourself! 



Allow delight to be a compass! In her blog, Kris Carr describes using the feeling of delight as a compass.  To this, she suggests, slowing down before an activity or even a small decision and checking in with yourself to ask, “Will this delight me?”  It is a good way to determine if your actions, words and thoughts are pointing you in the right direction! 


Contagious (in a good way)

I never thought I’d be using the word contagious on my blog, however this is in the POSITIVE sense.  Think of the last time you had a giggle-fit.  I remember mind vividly.  It really is just about contagious!  When you are so much enjoying something, it is rather hard for those around you not to soften up and join in! 


Nurture others and yourself

Think of the last time, you shared your delight about your significant other, or even the cashier at the store.  Typically when expressing your excitement and happiness about another, it provides a soul level nurturing for that person.  Not to mention, if you find delight in someone else, they typically also find delight in you! 

And lastly, it is extremely important to let down your guard with your own self. And find delight for yourself. That’s right, put aside all the things you think you could have done better. Slow down your breathing and allow yourself the moment to find delight for yourself.


What’s next?

I recommend starting with remembering what makes you feel that inner joy, that delight and exuberance! Do something you enjoy doing.  Slow down your thoughts long enough to appreciate the moment.  Tell someone that their smile, or some characteristic of theirs is utterly delightful.  

Otherwise, on my blog, maybe go over to the perfect day ‘this or that‘ post and fill it out for yourself.  For today’s post I’ve created some phone backgrounds for you, which say ‘find delight today’.  This is meant to be a simple little reminder.  Or go over to Pinterest and find some pictures representing your delightful topic to update your background.

And lastly, below are some Amazon Affiliate links to books on the topic of DELIGHT. 

At the very least, I hope this was enjoyable to read and brought a smile across your face.