How often do you get up in the morning, and with each step feel delighted? Putting your feet on the floor, fixing the bed head, and smiling at yourself. Putting your house slippers on and greeting your dog, perhaps with a song.

Turning the hot water on and washing the night off… last night I had nightmares so this was especially important!

Getting ready for the day – smiling at yourself in the mirror. Knowing the day will be a great one simply because you get to live it.

Okay I’ll admit… this even feels odd to write. Let’s assume about 10% of our days feel like this. Maybe right before a kids birthday, or a trip or around the holiday season. Or maybe even when we get to do something that day which we just LOVE doing. The days we pick our loved ones up from the airport often feel like this.

But, in reality these delightful, eagerly expectant days typically aren’t the norm. Take a moment and truly think about the last time you felt this way. Evoke the feeling in yourself again. Maybe even put the phone down, and re-live the delightful morning, day or moment in your mind again.

Recreate delight

Okay, now that you have re-lived your last delightful day. It is time to purposely recreate that feeling! Perhaps it will not be today, or even this week. But, in the near future my challenge to you is to recreate the delight. If you go to my perfect day this or that, you can decide for yourself what activities might help the effort. Or maybe instead of activity you look forward to, it is a special meal. Even better, maybe it is a specific person in your life. Call them, arrange to meet up.

Furthermore, when I think of my last day, which was filled with delight from morning to night; it was from a trip I took. A trip which cannot easily be recreated. However, if I simply look back at the pictures, and remember dancing around the yard watching the sun come up. I can easily feel the delight tickle me from head to toe.

So, I ask you today – what creates the feeling of delight in you? Do something small today to recreate the feeling – look at pictures, meet a friend for coffee, wear your favorite outfit. Channel your inner ‘elf’ in the middle of spring.

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