Today can be THE PERFECT DAY.

Today can be THE PERFECT DAY.

Over the weekend I was inspired by the first day, in a long time, I’ve had to make my own. So far this year, I’ve been traveling almost weekly. Not to mention doing some home projects and finishing up a few important things.

Saturday morning, after a great nights sleep, in my ‘new’ bedroom; I realized I had the chance to do whatever I pleased. Of course, I had made plans to take a nice hike in one of my favorite spots. It helped that the sun was shining but was still chilly from the last few transition days into Spring. I had my favorite coffee (a recent gift from a beloved friend), had the chance to meditate. And was ready to enjoy the day!

The truth is, sometimes life moves fast, or even slow but at a pace where we can’t necessarily enjoy. Especially if there are just things we MUST get done. As life moves on, I find this more and more. Therefore, I was inspired to make a video to encourage you, my audience to try and make today a perfect day. Even if you carve out 2 literal minutes to meditate, do something today to make it a bit sweeter.

You may remember my post from just over a year ago on this topic.  It has a different flavor and a THIS OR THAT!

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