This makes me happy.

This makes me happy.


Today, I was working on an assignment. After getting through about 2/3rds of it, I decided to put it aside and give myself a break. First, I did some social media scrolling. Immediately, a smile came across my face. This year, it seems as though, even though still in a pandemic, families are enjoying time together. Not to mention all of the beautiful sunsets and boat ride pictures!

While looking through the updates, a song came on my Amazon Music. Mostly acoustic guitar, no lyrics, just calming relaxing strums. Perhaps because I know many guitar players, I am able to picture the movement of the strings, and sometimes even the face of the person playing. While listening, Bianca was sound asleep making little sleep noises and twitches. The hum of my air conditioner in the background (we are still in the hot days of summer here in North Carolina).

This feeling came, after a happy couple days, seeing some friends and speaking to others. Making plans for the future and decisions about moving on from the past. It helped that the assignment I’ve been working on took my full attention. In fact, not only did it take my full attention; but it also required my knowledge going back as far as college. Sometimes, these types of activities allow us to remember our accomplishments and let our brains take over. Maybe I’m a romantic… sometimes letting our logical sides take over all that emotional thinking really helps to ground me.



Today in particular, I can see where balance came into place. For example, the physical side of things was in place: I walked and I did yoga. Whilst the physical aspect is probably what I am best at, I also took the time to read and meditate. Now that I think of it, I took breaks and took a short nap. At one point, I cooked a healthy meal and also followed-up about a customer service thing. Today, I made sure to get Bianca out of the house (during the week days its a bit more difficult). Having had a few conversations I got the social part in, but also used my brain intensely. Lastly, I planned my week and got some productive reading in (aka non-fiction). It just all felt right. A day full of balance and each activity full of purpose.



The thought, “this makes me happy” passed through my mind. I took a deep breath and soaked it all in. Moments like these are usually unexpected, and unassuming. They come after extreme focus and flow on a task, or maybe a physical challenge. Sometimes, they come before another happy day of connection with others.


Your turn

I urge you, if you haven’t felt even a small feeling of contentment and peace in awhile, please do what you can to seek it out. From first hand experience I can tell you years went by for me without this feeling. It just isn’t worth it.

All this to say, do what you can to create the opportunity for happy moments. Maybe that means making some difficult decisions. It may mean making a tough phone call. Or perhaps, it might mean something as simple as turning on your favorite song, or bringing up your favorite playlist. Or it might mean shutting the phone off and opening a real life book. Whatever it means for you, seek out the moment, experience, day or week that it takes to achieve this peace. Let it fill you up and wash over you.

Of course, please let me know your thoughts either through a text or commenting below.

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