Taking steps toward your destination

Taking steps toward your destination

Once you have established your destinations, as well as an approximation of how far away you are from each, it is time to assess what it might take to either get back on the right path, or make strides toward your destination.


Manageable pieces

A helpful way to do this is breaking things down into manageable pieces. No goal or change is too big to make. Anything can be achieved, I truly believe this. Even as time marches forward, I truly believe anyone can do anything. It will take being honest with oneself, and taking the necessary steps. Knowing the direction you are going is helpful, but breaking the goal into manageable pieces is even better.

If you think about this in terms of college, it helps to understand. As a high schooler graduates, the next big destination might be a Bachelors degree. In this instance, the individual breaks it down into years (typically 4 year degrees here in the states) followed by breaking it further down into semesters. This way of breaking things into the next immediate step, and focusing on it helps to manage the enormity of the end goal. Before the student even realizes, they will be done school!

Calculated risk

The second topic I’m mentioning today is calculated risk. Risk taking is a necessary in life, in general. It builds up our courage and empowers us when done in a well-thought out and calculated way. Some folks are more comfortable with risks. However I would counsel to only move forward with something you’ve thought through or at least slept a night or two on.

There will be times when a calculated risk is absolutely necessary to move forward and get through a valley of life. Truly considering the pros/cons and potentially financial up and downsides will only help in the long wrong. Gradually I have also seen people develop such a strong intuition in life through experience that the calculation is a simple ‘gut’ check.

One of the main reasons this is so helpful, is not only to ease your own mind. But also, to ease the minds of those around you. Often times when we take a leap toward our true dreams and goals, there will be naysayers. The people who express their doubts or concerns typically mean it for good, however they can easily be calmed (if you so choose) by showing them an analysis.

Secondly, calculating the risk also opens up other possibilities which may have not been originally discovered. Uncovering additional information and asking questions to uncover any unknowns is always helpful!


calculated risk is a carefully considered decision that exposes a person to a degree of personal and financial risk that is counterbalanced by a reasonable possibility of benefit.



Lastly, following your path, making progress and achieving the bite sized chunks toward your goals will take discipline. There will be days where your motivation and excitement toward a goal wane. In these moments, it will require your self-discipline to keep up the good habits and continue along your path.  Habit tracking can be extremely helpful for holding yourself accountable in this way!

In a future post, we will discuss keeping your destination in clear site at all times, and ensuring your long term success free of distractions!





I would love to hear some of your stories on figuring out what you truly wanted out of life, versus what you only thought you wanted!  I wrote about my change in path in this previous post!

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