Communication: A lesson from parenting

Communication: A lesson from parenting

Today’s post is about the book, “How to talk so kids will listen, and listen so kids will talk”. Yes, this book is all about parenting! You might wonder why I am suggesting it as apart of any and all communication. Especially, within the business world. Well, long ago, one of my managers recommended this book to her entire staff. We were asked to read it to better communicate with one another, but especially the executive team (or c-suite) at this particular company.

It turns out, we are all human. Regardless of our age, there are parts of us that operate better with a certain style of communication, both on the being talked to side of things. As well as on the listening side of things. I found this book helpful in many many ways.

In this video, I share the snippets I found the most helpful!  Ranging from how are feelings change our behavior, to  being fully present to the conversation.  Would love to hear what you found most valuable down below! 

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