See your reality through rose colored glasses

See your reality through rose colored glasses

Alright folks, today is a bit unconventional. It is a lesson from the hypnotherapy sessions I took part in as a child. Purposely not including a story time today, if you’d like to learn more about the why, how and what of my experience with hypnotherapy; please dm me on instagram or comment below.

Do we live in the matrix?

Today will be a brief exercise to hopefully help lighten your load. You have probably heard the saying, “thoughts create things.” Meaning, the thoughts that go through our mind, which are all apart of our personality, shape themselves into a lens. That lens has no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, it simply is. Therefore, our actions stemming from what we *think* we see and our reactions based on what we *think* we perceive of a situation shape our lives.

For example, have you tried the virtual reality goggles? Or watched someone move about the living room wearing these goggles? This simple example explains it all! These VR glasses allow the wearer to perceive something no one else in the room can see. The individual moves about, reacting to the fake reality seen through the goggles.

This leads many to wonder if we live in the matrix, and if our reality is really ‘real’. I happen to believe that yes our reality is real. And I choose to live with rose colored glasses. I BELIEVE I get to CHOOSE my reality based on my conscious perception of events.

Where can I find rose colored glasses?

In a similar way, what you individually perceive, and what another right next to you perceives can be different. Yes, even when you are watching the exact same thing unfold. Our perception of reality is seen through our personal lens of life. That lens creates a filter from which our understanding of things is molded. Therefore, it is extremely important to select your own glasses to see your world through! This leads us to purposely putting on our rose-colored glasses.

The history of rose-colored glasses, for this interested.

Rose-colored glasses describe a disposition that is upbeat, hopeful, brimming with optimism and positive thinking. Someone who looks at things through rose-colored glasses looks on the bright side, sees the glass half full and looks for a silver lining in all things.

Hopefully, my blog helps you to see the world through rose-colored glasses. Or at least in the minutes it takes to read each post gives you a little rosy boost!


Today, I challenge you to pick up your own rose-colored glasses, or at least borrow mine and CHOOSE to see the world around you differently. CHOOSE to see the flowers, feel the breeze and taste that yummy coffee. CHOOSE to feel better and stop and smell the roses.

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