Destination: The unfolding

Destination: The unfolding

In blog posts leading up to this one, we discussed how to be clear on what you want.  The mind/body connection was addressed in one post by using positive affirmations. In addition, we covered how to break down your goals into manageable pieces and take it one step at time. So, you may wonder, what’s next? All the work is in place and active from your stand-point. You took the steps, filled out the paperwork, studied and maybe even started taking cold showers. The logical side of you is aligned with any superstitious sides of you… and now its time to let things unfold.



Quite simply, when there is nothing left for you to do; it is time to be patient and let things unfold as they will. During this time having faith that all will work out, and knowing you’ve done your best is all that matters.  If you can’t seem to calm your mind and feel the need to keep busy: journal your thoughts.  Write down all the things you’ve done to ensure your success.  Reflect on how you got through the tough moments, and write about your expected outcomes.  



Another simple but fun and proactive way to use this between time, is talking with someone who has gone before you.  This could be someone who has graduated and started their career just a year prior, or someone who has finally achieved success in the field you are seeking to work in.  Either way, finding those who might be a role model already, or someone who can resonate with your energy during this time is super helpful!



This is the time to rest, and watch as success unfolds before your eyes. As long as you truly did the work and gave things an honest, full effort, you can rest with confidence.  This isn’t some sort of magical thinking. Instead, it is allowing your hard work to pay off. Now is the time to believe in yourself and your efforts and KNOW you’ve made it.  Get a few extra hours of sleep, or stay up late when you’ve had to be overly disciplined about bed time leading up to this!




This can also act as a time where you shift your focus to other priorities or mark some smaller items off of your bucket list.  Maybe make a few more phone calls to friends and family than you normally would.  Or, go for an extra walk in the middle of the day.  It’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, knowing they will unfold to your advantage.  Simply enjoy.



Prep for a celebration

Start preparing for any celebration you might want to have, or thinking of the way you will reward yourself. Or maybe, if you are like me to start thinking of the next destination you’d like to secure in your life. Either way, there will come a time when the actions slow down, and the work speaks for itself.  And that time is called the unfolding. 


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