5 Principles for Improvement

5 Principles for Improvement

Situational lessons to carry forward

If there is anything this pandemic is teaching us, it is that determination and perseverance alone aren’t enough. Largely, at the very least, the need to adapt and adjust without knowing what is around the corner is necessary. In addition, extending grace and empathy to one another every single day must be layered on top. Specifically within the workplace, no longer about who can do it better or faster, it more so became a matter teamwork at its finest. In personal life, it seems like increasing connection, even if virtual and seeking to listen became more important.

In both cases, leveraging basic principles helps! Most of which are good reminders going forward (even one day, without a pandemic). Also, each bullet point can be used individually to improve! However, together the principles allow for true, long term success.

Five Principles

The 5 principles to establish to keep moving forward no matter the circumstances:

  1. Clarity.  Establish clarity as soon as possible. Remind others often regarding the purpose and desired outcome (this goes for a couple, a team or a department).
  2. Simplicity.  Keep it simple. In all that you do, no matter the task, keep it simple: communication, process development, database building, etc. Use straight forward language and envision what *actually* has to happen. Keeping it simple allows for every person to understand and be on board.  Undoubtedly, people may disagree, but at least they will understand!
  3. Communication.  Remember, what is and also, what isn’t spoken, sometimes makes a big difference.  Despite any association with being an introvert or an extrovert: find a way to communicate your thoughts and ideas. In addition, know your audience and express yourself in a way that can be digested. Listen (and watch) for responses to your communication outward, and listen to those communicating ‘to’ you.  Lastly, make it a priority to hear and process each and everyone’s thoughts.
  4. Decide.  After considering inputs, a decision should be made. This happens sometimes at high level, but also needs to happen at a macro level by each person apart of the plan and finally at a micro level by those performing a task.  Each decision should be in line with the purpose.
  5. Stay consistent. Stay consistent to the purpose and decisions made.  Veering away from either ends in confusion and demotivation of those involved.


Please share  anything the pandemic experience has taught you by writing in the comments down below! It would be great to come up with additional thoughts or hear how the above list resonated.

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