Big days!

Big days!

Yesterday Dreams Came True!

Yesterday was a big day here in the States. Our new President and Vice President were sworn in to office!

Inauguration Day is such a big event for so so many reasons and a beautiful day it was today with sunny skies, a fresh perspective and a general what I compare to ‘first day of school’ vibe. That hopeful anticipation, a little nervous, lots of smiles and unfortunately this year not as many hugs as normal!

An incredible event – not just for those watching, but just think of the President himself (and one day herself) – and of course the many many people it takes to put such a huge day on – the secret service, the entertainers, the stylists, the planners!

Every single person that played a role today *most likely* saw this as a BIG DAY.

Whenever I watch events with world leaders, I have started to wonder what goes through their minds and how they prepared – did they sleep okay the night before? Are they wearing a special pair of socks out of superstition? How many times have they practiced their speech, their performance? Or double checked their paperwork and coordination? Does their wardrobe choice make them feel confident? Is their memory of past etiquette lessons serving them well? How many times have they rehearsed the days events in their minds?


Just imagine!

Over the years I have observed those I especially admire or simply want to be more like during these events to determine how I can become better and have also listened to their stories to come to realize that we are ALL human. And all of us being human can take the pressure off because it means it is okay to make a mistake but also reignite your dream because YES that means, YOU TOO can be and do whatever you want!

Either way, preparing ourselves for days like what we saw today – dreams officially coming true should be cherished!



Pick one dream in your life and imagine the day it ‘officially’ becomes true.

What would be thinking the night before the dream is official?   Do you have an ideal outfit, hair and makeup for such a big event?   How would you feel that first day in your new house?  Will you be comfortable wearing the graduation gown overtop of your suit?   Are there special products such as waterproof mascara to purchase? What thoughts will go through your mind when you hold your first published and printed book?

I hope you get that giddy happy feeling thinking about whatever it is on your heart!


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