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Extra (ordinary)

Extra (ordinary)

The simple.

One of my favorite and most simple ways to make my day feel ‘different’ comes from something a good friend taught me! This friend happened to be a college roommate too and is one of the bravest people I know.

A few years ago, while I was living in Connecticut, she came to visit. I was so happy to host her and her daughter while her husband stayed in Philly. The trip was fun for many reasons, we went to museums, visited my office, read books and played with toys! One morning while I prepared coffee, she asked if I would add cinnamon. (Funny enough, I first added the cinnamon after I poured us both a cup (haha)).

This small, but tasty addition first added a great laugh because the cinnamon floated on top. After, it made my apartment smell good and tasted great!

Now every so often, I put cinnamon in with the grinds before brewing the coffee. It makes the ordinary, everyday cup sentimental and always reminds me of our visit and her friendship. Every cinnamon-y sip brings a smile to my face. I hope one day when her daughter is old enough for coffee, we can share this little pick-me-up with her!



As we begin the last week of February the year is starting to settle in. New habits are formed, progress is being made and the sparkle of the new year is starting to wear off. Plus, most of us maintain in some sort of restriction due to the pandemic.

Especially now, life can become rather repetitive. Sometimes the tiny extra effort to make a moment special can change the entire day! So yesterday, I asked myself, “How can I make today more than just another day?”

As simple as it is, I added cinnamon to my coffee and it brightened my entire day! It made what would have been another ordinary Sunday full of memories and happy thoughts.


Putting the ‘extra’ in the ordinary.

This leads me to wonder – what ‘extra’ can you add to your ordinary today? Something to spark that little memory and prompt a tiny grin, if not an entire full smile?

Maybe, like my example, it is adding a bit of spice to your coffee. Or maybe, its lighting a candle and remembering someone who is watching from above. Wearing your favorite lipstick (even though no one will see it behind your mask) or putting on your favorite sweater. Even as simple as cleaning your jewelry and admiring the sparkle again.

Give yourself the treat this week of making what would have been just an ordinary day, a little ‘extra’.  I would love to hear what you do, or see a picture from your extraordinary day! 


Make today extraordinary