Today’s post is meant to provide encouragement. Encouragement for those of you who feel like giving up on your goals. Those of you who haven’t seen progress just yet. Or those of you who HAVE seen progress but haven’t gotten the outcome you truly want.

In the beginning of the year, we talked about goal setting and focus areas. Sometimes, when we set our goals, it is easy to be enthusiastic and hopeful. Maybe even, biting off more than we can chew. At other times, we think if we do something x amount per week, we will eventually get y outcome.  

This enthusiasm typically changes over time and the hopefulness sometime wears off.  Especially when results aren’t showing up.  This is just the time to keep on going.  Maybe you won’t see the results for another week, or maybe something does need to change in your habits and routines.  The important part is you don’t give up on those goals and dreams (unless of course you truly don’t want them anymore).  Always remember to figure out what works for YOU.

As we move into the 6th month of the year, it is important to know that even if you are in any of the above mentioned scenario’s, you ARE making progress. This post is mean to recognize that effort and let yourself feel proud for the actions you have taken toward your goals.

During this time it is always good to check in with yourself on your energy levels and overall outlook.  My previous post about our pilot lights is one of my favorites, and one I refer back to to take my own advice!

If for some reason you have had to adjust your original steps toward getting your outcome, so be it. Potentially, this is the sign you SHOULD consider adjusting. Either way, as long as you are still aligned with your focus areas. And are still wanting that outcome you dreamt up in the beginning of the year, keep taking actions. It will come.

My hunch is, if you have come across this blog, or have been a long-time follower, even there mere fact you are searching for or reading this information indicates to me you most likely are still taking actions toward your dreams.

Keep going, keep giving your dreams your best! Choose to give yourself the credit and see the goodness in yourself. You will achieve your goals and your dreams will come true!



Below is a list of ordered actions which you can take to maintain your peace of mind as you move through the year!

  1. Take the time to review your focus areas and goals, especially if you haven’t since you wrote them.
  2. Acknowledge the actions and steps you’ve taken this year toward those goals.
  3. Show appreciation toward yourself for identifying new goals and for any actions.
  4. Do something for yourself to show that appreciation.
  5. Adjust the actions accordingly. Keep going!


For me, seeing and hearing other people’s success stories typically is enough to keep me going. A wide variety of people reads this blog on a regular basis! Therefore, I’d love to hear from some of you on your successes, accomplishments and journeys in the comments down below. Was there every a time you wanted to give up and didn’t? Was the feeling even better because you kept going through the lull?


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