Let’s get cozy

Let’s get cozy

Sometimes in life we just need to get cozy. Can you relate? When is the last time you truly felt comfy, relaxed and just let out a nice sigh of relief?

It’s been awhile for me.  Typically this feeling only comes around when I’m with family and friends who ‘see’ the real me.  Who aren’t necessary expecting anything from me.  Also when I have a proper meal and maybe a glass of wine or two.  

That feeling of sweet contentment.  Can you conjure up this image?  And just for a moment feel the feeling?  For me, I picture home cooked meals, laughter and general warmth.  

Maybe you have no particular reason for to feel a sense of contentment, or maybe this past week you celebrated a handful of things.  Or maybe you finally got your mind to calm down about a particular topic.  Either way, this feeling is something that sometimes comes naturally.  And sometimes, we just have to let it wash over us. 


As we move into a season of graduations, and we are right between Mother’s Day and Father’s day here in the US. This is typically a happy time! A time to look forward to the summer, being outside and a time of accomplishment for so many. And for some, it will just be another summer.

Either way, finding that sense of peace and calm every so often.  That moment to really enjoy where you are in life.  The moment that allows you to savor all of your accomplishments to date, no matter what they are!  Or just that simple moment to recognize how great things can really be.  A moment to let all the hectic parts of life go and to savor the second in time.  


What is cozy for you?  Cuddling up next to a fire place?  Falling asleep on a beach?  Reading a book while its raining outside?  Whatever it is, try this week to purposely give yourself time to be cozy, potentially not everyday, but at least once this week.  Give yourself the time, the space and the mindset to get into that mood.  

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