show me a picture of challenge

show me a picture of challenge

Yes, after the last two blog “preach sessions” on having the courage to be your authentic self, this next post seemed fitting.   Yes I’m jumping on a social media bandwagon and although this is a ‘trend’.  The “show me a picture of…” challenge is a fun one to reveal the true ‘you’. Thus here is the show me a picture of challenge, properly exposing myself.

a picture that represents your day job

Most adorable picture on your phone

Proud moment

your sign that its all gonna be okay

local happy place

a place you want to go back to

favorite adventure memory

heart warming memory

embarrassing selfie

trying something new

favorite place

A place you spent alot of time in college

Favorite sport

life changing memory

doing something you love

Hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane  with me! 

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