Goal Check-In

Goal Check-In

Simply put, this year has had a handful of twists and unexpected turns. Whilst I do enjoy roller coasters (they tickle me and I laugh and laugh), I’d rather not experience anything similar in real life. However, as we all know, rarely do things go just as we planned. When looking back, I typically can see the silver lining. But, in the moment of the surprising news or going through what only time can solve, life can feel rather icky.


During these unsettling times, I personally tend to veer away from my routines; forgetting my good habits. Most often, I want to take some sort of action. Typically these actions are healthy distractions. For example, cleaning the house, updating rooms and moving furniture around.

This is all well and good until a month has passed without progress on my actual goals. Funny enough, a few years back, to my huge surprise, a quiz I took at work told me I was lacking in focus. At this exact moment, as I write this, I realize perhaps why my results appeared as they did.

Anyway! This past weekend, the awareness that I was avoiding true quiet time with myself came over me. This resulted in the ah-ha moment of where some (not all) of my recent anxiety was stemming from. (Quiet time defined as no school work, no books, no movies, no texting. In other words, I hadn’t recently sat down and really looked over the last few months and the months to come.)

Taking my own advice

I sincerely hope you find this as funny as I do. Upon my realization, I thought to myself, “Rose, you literally write a blog about this… take your own advice.” And that is exactly what I did. Taking out a pen and paper, I went back through all my blog posts. The two I found most helpful were:

Lake Why Purpose

Intention Setting



Upon reviewing all of my previous posts and fixing some grammatical errors, I sat down again with my original four goals. A check-in was long overdue. Below is a brief summary by focus area on where I intend to go starting today.

First thing I’m doing is establishing a new morning routine and sticking to it!  The second thing is focusing on self-care and the healing of my face (if you missed that update you can find it here).  Thirdly, there is a bunch going on daily with my career and I also want to continue to grow my blog.  

My last item is about my hobbies.  In a future blog I’d like to break this one down further.  The reason being, is that I recently rediscovered a previous hobby.  A hobby that takes me into my flow state.  For so long I think I was unconsciously denying myself of this pleasure.  Otherwise, I also want to try something new soon!  


So, now it’s time to do your own check-in.  How is your year going compared to the original plan?  Have the months progressed in a way you thought they might?  Are there any actions you can take today to get things back on track?  (Even if it is as simple as re-establishing your goals?)  

Potentially it is time to sit and look at your vision board and take it all in again! This small exercise helped me to remember where my mind was at as 2020 was coming to a close.  There were SO MANY unknowns with the state of our nation, COVID, and so much more on a personal level. 

Or maybe, like I did write your top ten important habits down and start tracking them again! The simple act of making a list helps me – even if I don’t track this each day.  Having something to give me a tiny reminder of what few things I want to be sure to do everyday helps!  Tracking is also a helpful reminder for when I do succeed and can check everything off.  By the way ‘laugh’ is on my habits list!  And if by the end of the day I haven’t laughed, I will search this world wide web for something funny. 


If you do decide to complete this exercise, let me know how it goes!  I know as the year goes on, it can seem like our original goals might not even be close to being met.  But, I promise you, its not too late to start again or get back on track! 

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