Morning affirmations

Morning affirmations

Gooooood Morning! Or whenever you are reading this, happy day! Today’s post is provides a tool for helping to shift your default yourself. Yesterday, my blog was about making decisions on how you want to show up to the different areas of your life.


During my shift and even now, I am grateful to many YouTubers and bloggers who post daily written and spoken affirmations. Therefore, to add to the community; I created my own short daily affirmation track intended to be used in the morning. Or whenever you need a boost or some encouragement.


I have purposely made this under 5 minutes so that it doesn’t take up too much of your morning. In this track, I say the affirmations out loud, for you to repeat in your mind or out loud. In addition, the affirmations are displayed on the screen for you to read. Research shows that writing something down helps with retention. If you remember my squirrel post, it certainly helps me. With that said, I also recommend writing the affirmations in your journal, perhaps not everyday, but at least once. Then, each day you can select 1 to 3 affirmations that you especially like to script in your journal.






The affirmations are as follows:

  1. Today, I commit to having a magnificent day.
  2. I see myself as a radiant light; bringing pure positive energy to each room I enter.
  3. Today I give myself permission to notice the magical parts of life.
  4. I commit to finding inner peace and enjoy every moment.
  5. Today I allow myself to relax into each moment.
  6. I commit to giving my full attention to the task at hand.
  7. Today I will extend myself grace, keeping my inner conversations encouraging.
  8. As the day goes on, I will refocus my energy as needed.
  9. Today I will recognize my talents and use them accordingly.
  10. I humbly admit I am significant and that I make a difference to the world around me.
  11. Today I will recognize where to give myself credit for my accomplishments.
  12. Before I go to bed today, I will remember the intention I set for myself during this practice.
  13. I will allow myself to be satisfied with how I showed up today.

Personalized requests

Thank you all for your support. If you find this affirmation track helpful, please let me know! And, if you’d like a new affirmation tape with any specific affirmations, comment down below or DM me on Instagram and I’ll make a personal one for you! Or include the specific affirmation in the next track I record.

Sending love your way and throughout your day! xoxo rose



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