Getting ready for your dreams

Getting ready for your dreams

This morning as I was getting ready for the day, I of course was thinking of you, BlogFam. Typically, my ideas for this blog come while doing something repetitive and necessary, such as getting ready for the day! During these times, my thoughts go from, ‘what is on my list to do today’, to ‘who am I going to see today’ all the way to this mornings thought. This morning I randomly started thinking about the things I was taught, that I wish I had never believed.

Obviously, this could go in many different directions. One day, I will have a sit down with you all; most likely on my YouTube Channel, to discuss some of the more serious topics. (Such as, religion versus faith. One day needs to come on out). Today, however, I want to speak on something that is often said. Yes, something that isn’t unique to my specific experience. But something, I’m guessing most of you hear still on a regular basis. And that is:

Be careful what you ask for.


My experience with this phrase. I remember being told this in a very condescending way. In a way that was meant to discourage me from dreaming big. The person that told me this over and over again was trying to ensure I would hold myself back, and wouldn’t go after what I wanted in life. They were deliberately communicating that I wasn’t ready for what I was asking for.

Sadly, I believed this for too long. Instead of being confident about going toward my dreams, or even sticking up for myself in crappy situations. I would shy away, thinking I wasn’t worthy or ready of whatever my dream, or need was. Or hesitate in my decision making and action steps toward something.

Bad advice

UGH! Even writing this it gives me bad feelings. I almost wanted to figure out a way to not write it but to get the point across. Ha! From my perspective, I think this is one of the most negative things you can say to someone. It not only puts the person down, but it also indicates that the person speaking it has zero faith or trust in the individual they are speaking it to.

Imagine for a second you divulge one of your hopes and dreams, big or small. It could be something a small as hoping the cafeteria where you work is serving a particular food. Or it could be a sweet yet significant something like you hope your crush asks you on a date (finally!). Furthermore, it could be something as big as hoping you get into the PhD program you’ve dreamt of entering for years.

No matter what it is, if you decide to speak it out loud, you are putting a piece of yourself out there. Whenever someone opens up in this way, it is an amazing moment for those around them to provide encouragement, and to speak life into their hopes an dreams!

Types of people

Imagine the type of person who listens to the dream, big, significant, meaningful to that individual, small, whatever it is and stops and encourages the individual. Perhaps, even gives them a hug or a happy high five. Or even a brief and sincere “let me know what happens”.

Now imagine the other type of person, most likely barely listening who replies with a, “Be careful what you ask for.” Gosh, I don’t know how this makes you feel reader. But for me, it takes the wind out of me. I picture someone like Cruella De Vil, smoking a cigarette; stomping on hopes and dreams.

Welp, it is time to finally throw this advice in the trash once and for all.

Get ready for your hopes and dreams!

You might ask, well Rose that is all well and good but what do I replace this with?! My answer is to: GET READY FOR YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS. Know that what you ask for is VALID, you are READY for it, and you are WORTHY of whatever it is you need or want!

Have so much belief that what it is you want is going to happen that it is inevitable. And therefore, you MUST get ready for whatever it is you have been wanting!

Secondly, TRUST yourself enough to believe that what you are ‘asking for’ is what you truly want. If you are uncertain, broaden your thoughts or do more research until you can refine your hopes and dreams and make an educated decision on what it is you truly want.

If there happens to be a person in your life who tends to be discouraging, hopeless or puts you down. Distance yourself. Have enough respect for yourself to put space between the two of you. And last, my recommendation would be to keep your inner most hopes and dreams to yourself. That is at least until you’ve matured them enough inside that nothing could take away your confidence.

Take action

Therefore today, let me provide encouragement for you. Today take an action TOWARD your hopes and dreams. Yes, take action on what you are asking for. Maybe it is just that: ASKING. Ask for the raise, ask for the promotion, ask for the date. Or perhaps it is taking an action such as applying for the job, the PhD program or updating your resume. Another action I typically take when getting ready for my next step is selecting an outfit. No matter what it is, take a step today toward what you want. At the very least, make a list of what it is you want.

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