Lessons from fruit

Lessons from fruit

There is a good chance you’ve heard this lesson previously, but it is one I come back to often and wanted to be sure to share.

The late, Dr. Wayne Dyer is known for asking the question, “When an orange is squeezed, what comes out?” The answer, of course being, “Orange juice (and probably a few seeds for future oranges).” That’s right, apple juice doesn’t come out, celery juice doesn’t come out. Only orange juice comes out.

The question is meant to illustrate, that what is inside, is what comes out. Wayne goes on to ask, “If you were squeezed, what would come out?”

Please know, this isn’t meant to be taken literally… but it is food for thought. Just think, when is the last time you felt stressed or frustrated, in other words, squeezed? What came out…? Maybe a big sigh and a grimace? Or maybe a special gesture and a few curse words? Perhaps, you used the energy and went for a run? Maybe you redirected the energy and let off some steam by focusing on a hobby?

Either way, what is inside is always what comes out. If we are filled with anger, it will eventually come out. If we are filled with joy, it will be shown on the outside. Filling our minds and hearts with a delightful, light-hearted attitude will allow that to be expressed. Being mindful of what we are watching, listening to, and believing is so important to ensure we aren’t allowing ourselves to be filled with unhelpful thoughts.

The next time you pour yourself a glass of water, think to yourself – if I was quenching my emotional state, which feeling would I choose to take in.

And, if you so choose to connect in the comments below, tell us how much you LOVE pulp 🙂

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