Daily Affirmations: June Edition!

Daily Affirmations: June Edition!

Welcome to a new daily affirmation track for June. Once again, keeping under 5 minutes, to start your day off. These affirmations are focused on creating the feeling of summertime!  If you haven’t listened to my first affirmation track, from February this year, it is worth a listen!

Recreating the feeling of being a little kid and getting ready to be done the school year. Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, or maybe a brief run through the sprinklers. It should evoke feelings of the sounds of summer, the lively board walk, or the ocean waves. I hope you enjoy!

Affirmation Track


  • This season, I will summon the relaxed feeling that I used to get as a little kid getting ready for the school year to end.
  • Each morning I will renew my sense of forward looking energy.
  • My intention is to have a joyful summer season, enjoying the warmth, sunlight and evenings outside.
  • This month, I celebrate the natural cycles of our universe and appreciate the beauty of all things, as small as a firefly and as vast as the ocean.
  • I will delight in the little mother nature ‘ winks’ that come my way.
  • As I move through each day, I will focus on what I do know, and gather information about anything I am uncertain about or curious to learn.
  • Throughout each week, I will find moments of nourishment, moments to play, and moments to make progress on my goals.
  • This month, I commit to finding activities and spending time with people who make my soul sing.
  • Each day, I will do at least one favorite activity.
  • Before I go to sleep tonight, I will smile at the day I just lived, and get excited for the next day to come.
  • I will sit longer in the experiences which are peaceful, experiences which provide ease and a relaxed lightness.
  • As I move about the month, I will adjust my schedule and routine to meet the needs I personally have.

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