Seasons & Cycles

Seasons & Cycles

This post is a quick flashback to when it snowed in North Carolina at the beginning of 2022. Perhaps you are in an area where it also snows. The reason I’m posting this while it is almost summer is to remind us that seasons do in fact change. The cycles of the earth continue regardless if we are ready or not.

As we move into the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere, I urge you to reflect back on winter. Think about how far you’ve come, or even the things you setout to do in this new year and haven’t even made progress yet. But also, consider how you are moving through the year and each season. Are you moving with grace or resisting it every step of the way?

As much as I love to believe time is an illusion, the truth is the earth is rotating creating the day and night cycles. Are you making the most of each mini-cycle (the day) and the most of each season our solar system creates?


Down below in the comments, write what you love about the seasons, or which season is your favorite and why! Thanks all!

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