Hopes and Fears

Hopes and Fears

Well hello! Happy Valentine’s Day. My wish for you, my dear reader, is that you feel at least one moment of whimsy and magic today. Regardless if you have a special someone, or if you are celebrating with friends, please take the time to show yourself some healthy self-love.


  • Today’s post is simply a challenge post. Set aside some time, at least 10 minutes.
  • First, write down all your hopes on one side of a paper. List as much as you possibly can think of.
  • Second, write down the competing fears on the other half of the paper. Don’t get too dark… write them and move on.
  • Third, if you feel comfortable, share (out loud or in writing) your lists with someone you trust and would like to become closer to.
  • Finally, tear off the side which has the fears, crumble the paper up and literally bury it.

From this moment forward, think only of your hopes, imagine them without hesitation.

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