Being bold enough to believe in your dreams

Being bold enough to believe in your dreams

Creating your vision

In the last post, we discussed creating a vision.  Starting out with the question, “Are your thoughts in harmony with your vision?” Which was a question asked by host Joseph Rodríguez from the podcast, “Insights & Perspectives”.  The idea being that when you are clear about your dreams and bold enough to believe in them, they will unfold.

This single sentence make it all seem so easy.  Almost like a check list:

  • Create Vision
  • Clarify Vision
  • Believe Vision

Thoughts and perspectives

If it were this simple – all of us would be living our exact lives.  We know it is not this simple.  We know that daily life takes over.  Our traumas and fears pop-up when least expected and push us off our center.  Someone makes a decision unexpectedly or we find out a shocking piece of information.  Our physical body fails us, or the stock market doesn’t go our way.  Sometimes it seems as though we aren’t even on the right planet, let alone the right path.  Even with a clear vision and a strong, firm belief in it; if our thoughts are not in harmony with that vision, we will not see it come to fruition.  Our perspective is ever changing, either for the better or for worse; and it is fueled by our thoughts.  

So, lets add two items to our check list:

  • Become aware of the default thoughts and resulting perspective
  • Clean up thoughts in relation to the vision
  • Adjust perspective to align with vision

Thought life

In my opinion, this is the real definition of being bold enough to believe in your dreams.  It isn’t just about hoping to the best, or wishing upon a star.  It is about being so committed to the vision of the future, that you adjust every thought, every action and consistently take the perspective that it will and must unfold. This takes self-awareness, strength and tenacity to see your vision come into reality. 
In short, no more auto-pilot down mediocre street.  No more settling for second best.  This is YOUR LIFE.  Take control of your thoughts, actions and thus your future.


Consider what is in the background of your mind as you read this.  Literally become aware of the thoughts going through your head.  Now, picture yourself clearing your mind.  Sometimes it is helpful to, in your minds eye, write the thoughts on a chalk board – good or bad.  Now, in your minds eye, pick up an eraser and clear them from the board.  Once you are satisfied with the cleanliness of the board, write the thoughts you WANT to think.  The thoughts that would be most helpful to lead you to your vision. 
Being human 

Because we are human and life is life, realigning to our vision, adjusting it and coming back to ourselves must be done deliberately and consistently.  While this is straightforward when we do monthly reflections or quarterly check-ins, and especially end of year look-backs; in my experience, it is the day to day that can either propel us forward, or hold us back. 

It is an everyday commitment to honor your vision, honor yourself and stay true to your feelings.  Allows things to unfold and stay true to your vision.  Yes, even when there are setbacks, or an angry driver cuts you off, or you get the fourth rejection from a future employer.  Give yourself grace when you find your thoughts spiraling in the wrong direction.  Ask for help from loved ones you can trust.  Select a role model who is living the life close to what you want for yourself. 

Cultivate an uncommon appreciation for the things that are going well.  Embody a sense of wonder for things  not yet uncovered, and keep the flame of belief going from moment to moment.  With this,  your dreams will come true.



Be bold enough to believe in your dreams

  1. Create vision (see last post for inspiration
  2. Clarify vision (sometimes this is as easy as adding how you want to feel to the vision itself)
  3. Believe your vision can be YOURS
  4. Become aware of your default thoughts and perspectives
  5. Clean up your thoughts to align with your belief
  6. Adjust your perspective to align with your vision
  7. Cultivate appreciation for what is going well


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As an illustration of the above mention concepts, please consider the below chalkboards.  This specific example is for someone who is wanting to know they make a difference at their company and in their position.  Potentially hoping to be recognized through promotion.  

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