Happy May!

Happy May!

Here we are, May 2021. All things considered, how is the speed of this year going compared to last? For me, this year seems to be going much faster. Perhaps this is due to becoming more used to working from home and gradually less unknowns. Or maybe, it is the general cadence of life at this age. Either way, even though time is measurement in the same increments around the globe. It is so fascinating how it can feel so different between people or depending on the year.


How is the year progressing for you? Is time flying by or going too slow? Depending on your answer, is there any way to slow the pace down? Or, is there something you have to look forward to this year?



Short Storytime

Lately, it has been helpful for me to have big projects which can be accomplished quickly. Meaning, having something known which can be accomplished in a weekend but will have a huge benefit. This past weekend, completely unplanned, I started and finished a home project. Luckily, I had done something similar in the past, so knew the materials I needed and approximate effort. The satisfaction I felt accomplishing this task in just a few days was impactful. It has been awhile since I could tangibly see my work pay off. Even better, I know it will improve the value of my place if I ever go to sell.

All that to say, at times we need these predictable achievements to help us along the way.




How are you feeling about the focus areas and goals you set out to realize in January? When you look back to your vision board, are there examples of things you have already attained? Are you happy with the progress you’ve made on your goals? Another way to put this – are you happy with the effort you’ve made toward your hopes and dreams?

You may be thinking, “Rose it is only May… over half the year is left!” To this I say, “Yup, and let us be prepared together for the back half of the year.” Never have I ever let years go by without making a mark toward my goals. Here at BrightEyedSmiles we don’t rest on our laurels. We take initiative, adjust where needed and most important, we are honest with ourselves. BTW, remember that pilot light post?

That means, we set goals which we truly want to achieve (not based on anyone else’s opinion). And, we ACHIEVE those goals. This may seem a bit extreme, however it has always worked for me. I may not always be early to an event, but aside from a single thing in my life, I’ve been the early achiever. (Yes, the rest of the universe calls this ‘over achiever’).




  1. So. Go back, refer to your vision board, your focus areas or your goals list – in whatever form you’ve captured it in. If something is no longer speaking to you, remove it to make room for something else.
  2. Write down the top 3 things you’ve done so far for each of your focus areas. Give yourself credit.
  3. Write down the top 3 things you will START doing to ensure your focus area is successful. If you so choose, get yourself an accountability partner – either someone else who reads this blog or someone in your life who will be honest with you!
  4. Schedule your new actions into your calendar. And remember, it may be helpful to remind yourself of your ‘why’.
  5. Lastly, make progress!


This may or may not have turned into a lecture, I suppose it depends on your perception. Either way, I’d love to hear how your year is going and what steps you are doing to ensure that you set yourself up for success during the back half of 2021!

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