Daily Affirmations | “You Are”

Daily Affirmations | “You Are”

Hello everyone, thank you for being here; and welcome to a new affirmation track, using “You Are” Affirmations instead of “I am” Affirmations.

This is meant to be listened to daily in the morning. You can either listen to it in the background, or repeat out loud or in your mind.

The affirmations are displayed on the screen as I read them. A brief pause after each one, so you can repeat it in the “I am” format back to yourself.

  • You are gorgeous
  • You are capable
  • Your smile lights up the room
  • Your humor makes others laugh
  • You are unique
  • Your eyes are bright and sparkly
  • Your confidence is inspiring
  • You are able to figure things out
  • Your spirit is warm and welcoming
  • Your perspective brings clarity to others

Please let me know how you feel about the “You Are” Style affirmations, and if you’d like more.  Any special requests for affirmations can be commented down below, or DM me on Instragram @BrightEyedSmiles

Thanks everyone!

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