Difficult Person Test

Difficult Person Test

This is a new one and I am excited to share it with you! In a recent HBR (Harvard Business Review) article, titled, “Have you taken the difficult person test?“, a ‘darker’ personality test for the taking. The article indicates that taking any personality quiz can help provide feedback we are otherwise not getting right now. Meaning, while we are behind video calls, texting more than socializing in person, and still ordering groceries online (at least I am).


The Difficult Person Test, created by IDRLabs, is based on research by Chelsea Sleep, who is a soon to be PhD in Clinical Psychology. Speaking to the ‘darker’ side of personality quizzes; this one measures seven traits. Through a series of questions with a scaled response from disagree to agree. The seven traits are:


  1. Callousness
  2. Grandiosity
  3. Aggressiveness
  4. Suspicion
  5. Manipulativeness
  6. Dominance
  7. Risk-taking

As you can see, these traits are in fact on the ‘darker’ side. However, every negative has a positive. And, as you will see in the HBR article, self-awareness is the true key toward being easier to get along with! For example, once you know the traits you measure high on, thus making you a more difficult person; the easier it is to recognize that trait when you express it. Therefore, allowing for adjustment in the moment, and becoming a better person immediately. Okay, maybe I went to far there. I realize some habits die hard. Either way, I believe that taking these types of quizzes is fun and can add value if you let them.


So, if you want to give it a try, the link is here.


My results

Some of you might be here just to see my results :-p well… it turns out all those years of living in fear and trying to be as agreeable and polite as possible paid off. I answered honestly, a few of the questions I stopped and paused. By the way, if I had taken this same test even 3 years ago I know it would be different. Shoutout to a few people in my life who were able to bring some concerns to my attention. Or, help me to see things in a different way!



Alright yall! It’s time to connect on this one. Let me know directly your results or comment down below. I know one person who will probably get close to 0% on this! And, another who’d get closer to 100%. It takes all kinds!

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