Resolutions & Goals

Resolutions & Goals

Please note today’s post is the first to include a bit of ‘story time’ with background on how I arrived on the self improvement journey. <3



New Year! New me?

Made it to day 14 of the new year! A bit of research on indicated the top 2 most common resolutions surround the topic of health: exercise and eating healthier. Interestingly, resolutions around family time popped up like never before according to

Making resolutions can be fun and hopeful, especially in the first few days of a new year when things feel fresh and we have 12 full beautiful months ahead! Think back on your own resolution-making. Can you pin-point specific years where you accomplished your goals and saw progress within the year of which they were set?


Resolution Setting and Goals

So far on BrightEyedSmiles, we have not discussed resolution setting, instead we focused on goal setting. The two are similar but not the same.

Resolutions are typically  broad, something like ‘workout more’ or ‘save more money.’ An increasingly number of people are setting resolutions which is positive as long as they are more than passing thoughts.  

My recommendation is to turn resolutions into specific goals with outcomes attached.  Eat healthier becomes ‘cook at home 3 times a week, removing cheese from my diet’.  Connect with family becomes ‘call my favorite cousin once a week, respond to texts within a day, make plans to social distant see sibling’.

Making a statement using the goal  and it’s purpose results in an even stronger resolution! An example is: Cook 3 times a week and remove cheese so that I save money and my skin clears up.

That being said, let’s do a mid-month check-in with ourselves to see how we are feeling about the steps we have taken thus far to setup 2021 for success!

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Mid-month check in!

Hoping you have been following along the blog and perhaps your goals are set.  Vision boards are in plan sight, and some soul searching is partially complete?  Maybe you have even used the intention setting post this week!

Even if you have only just thought of your resolutions or only have your Word of the Year 2021 selected, it is still a good time to check-in on progress!



Word of the Year: Does it still fit for your 2021 dreams (be real with yourself!)

Focus Areas: Do you want to subtract or add anything?

Goals: Have you made progress, are you on track toward accomplishing your January goals? Do any adjustments need to be made? Can you schedule anything today to get them moving?

Timing: Is there anything you accomplished sooner than expected and want to rearrange your list?

Connect: I would love to hear how your year is going and what progress you have made!

Mid month check in

My Progress

1. MINDFULNESS : Need to check my attitude

  • Daily Meditation Practice
  • Daily journal, prayer and bible study before the day begins
  • Read at least 15 minutes per day

2. HEALTHY : Consider joining gym to make more progress

  • Yoga 2x per week for an hour each
  • Strength & Cardio 3x per week
  • Hiking 2x per month

3. CAREER & HUSTLE : In Progress and on track!

  • Create realistic individual development plan using tool at work & update system
  • Create blogging schedule & expand audience x 3

4. HOBBIES : Need to schedule!

  • Improve upon photography by taking class
  • Try one new thing with a friend and document experience

Time to sit down with a cup of coffee…


My Self Improvement Journey


Lighting the fire

Previously (and potentially surprisingly to this audience), my big life-changing decisions were most quickly implemented after some sort of eye opening event.  Instead of the much easier route of disciplined goal setting. These events include but are not limited to: broken bones, a less than desirable working environment and a health scare. (I’m fine now don’t worry).

Each of these events ‘woke’ me up in a sense and, after getting through the initial shock, allowed me to become empowered.  Each event changed my perspective and resulted in behavior changes.  Positively impacting my physical body, honoring myself and actively expressing gratitude for what I am able to do.


Let’s Goooooo!

Gradually through sometimes, small or subtle changes I was seeing drastic improvements.  I figured out what type of position would work best for my personality and skill set and found a job that fit it – resulting in being truly happy everyday in my career.  I learned and implemented the nutrition and feeding schedule which works best for me and my body. And after a handful of broken bones (yes we will have a story time sometime…) I started honoring my body and thanking it for what I am ABLE to do.

Not wanting to have to experience something bad for something good to come out, came deliberate and intentional study of self-improvement techniques. Knowing my ability to hyper-focus can become destructive, I tried to be gentle with myself in the first year of this process. Typically when I do change things, I go big, making decisions quickly and jumping all in (usually a burn the ship type moment: no looking back!).

I was going to add something here about how I didn’t go big but once I started thinking about the start of my serious commitment to the self-improvement journey it turns out I went big (ha!).  Within 6 months of looking myself in the mirror and committing to better I: quit my job, started a business, got my puppies, started a new job, changed my eating habits and bought a house. Everything worked out in the end – as I believe it always must, however I would not recommend making such large changes so quickly!


The journey to the future

The events that lit the fire occurred over a decade ago! The commitment to myself followed and the proactive self-improvement journey continues today (right this moment!)

Setting goals in advance that are personal to me, following up on them and adjusting to a way that fits me and seeing the results is pure bliss!

The best part about waking up is… wait wait wait that was a squirrel moment (and I’m guessing that little advert tune is stuck in your head now too!) Anyway – the best part about waking up each morning is knowing I am prepared for the day and looking forward to the fun (but safe) magical moments that have the opportunity to come about because of the space I plan for myself.

Here is to warm fires, inspirational people, focused minds and magical moments!

Tree with 2021

6 thoughts on “Resolutions & Goals”

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  • Congrats on so many things! I have set goals for this big year – I am turning 40 I august and will be in the best shape of my life…. of my over 30 life lol
    Yoga every morning mixed cardio at least twice a week and meal prep – can’t give up the cheese just yet though
    Career goals are outlined and already in full swing won’t let negative attitudes or “lazy” mentalities detail my fast moving train. Focus on managing my team better with positivity and a more caring approach as opposed to a tasks completed agenda
    Personal life goals are to communicate my feelings and to step away when I am not able to contribute or make a difference. I tend to rescue people or fix things – which I will still do – but only to the extent the help in wanted and to not unbalance myself. A balanced mindset allows me to be my best for everyone. Sticking to my boundaries is my goal
    Rock on girl! 👑 🌟 💛

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