Hello & Welcome!

Hello & Welcome!

Welcome to my first blog post! It is with a nervous, nail-biting and also optimistic appreciation that I start on this journey. If you know me personally, you know my idea to start a YouTube Channel has been on my heart for some time… let’s see: I’d say its been a thought for at least 5 years with years of recording and editing videos that I never posted! and may well never be viewed. *insert face palm emoji here* yup yup, maybe you are already laughing?

On January 9th 2020, I promised myself I would be more creatively courageous this year…(see my public declaration on Instagram via the photo). Here we are at the end of the year, and whilst I did try new projects, finished existing ones and dabble here and there with new things, nothing was worthy to share or really got me into the flow state that I’ve been needing.

Recently, after discussing this with a talented friend, I got the ‘oh you are one of thoooooose people, think think think never release.’ This brief exchange reignited my desire to not just create, but to actually get the gumption to SHARE.

Sharing yourself, especially the creative side takes COURAGE. (Huge shout out to my friends that are content creators! Especially those that have good hearts and use their outlets to help, educate and inspire! One of my dearest friends as an example: ItsJustKelli)

That being said, I’ve finally decided to start this blog, with the hope to inspire, provide a laugh and share all things. Welcome, I hope you enjoy!

Creative Courage

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